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Why do you want him back if he got another girl pregnant as her boyfriend? Are you ready to be a mother? =Answer= Either this young man is a true rarity and ready to take on the responsibility of his child, or he's putting you on. If he truly didn't care for his ex then he could be there for her (still be going with you) and take the responsibility of being part of his child's life and paying child support. I like to think your ex boyfriend is one of the rare people that really does care about his unborn child. It's true that a large percentage of young men would head for the hills if they found out they were going to be a father, but there are some young men that truly do care. When a couple is having a baby there is that bond there and it only grows stronger once that child is born. I know this hurts your heart, but he's made his decision and it's best to move on. Don't consider this a slap in your face, but try to think of it as you are proud of him for taking on this responsibility. Put yourself in his ex girlfriend's shoes. I have learned that life is full of curves and rough roads, but at the end of each path there is a light and so, perhaps further on in your future you may meet up with this young man again. If not, I know you will find someone else you truly love. Most of us did.

2006-08-13 18:36:28
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