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Your Ex loves you like a friend and probably needs you in her life but doesn't understand that she does. You may want more than friendship in your relationship while she is happy with things as they are now. Leaving things as they are may cause you harm and make you bitter when you keep behaving like a spouse when she has no intention of committing herself to you. You are going to have to leave it to her to discover the importance of marital commitment on her own. It might be healthiest for you to break it off with her and look for someone who will commit to living as your spouse, not simply use you for her emotionasl comfort and be oblivious to your need to be loved.

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How do you know when your boyfriend misses you?

You will know when your boyfriend misses you. If he calls text or try's every opportunity to see you he's not stalking you he just wants to be with you.

What does it mean when my boyfriend who died like 5 months ago comes to my dremas very often?

It means that you are having memories of what you and your boyfriend had been doing when he was alive.And it also means that you really miss him and he misses you so he visits you every night in your wonderful dreams.

Is it bad i want a boyfriend and what does this say about me as a person?

It's completely normal! Nothing to worry about, almost every girl wants one.

Where can i find a boyfriend under 13?

the best bet is at school if your not home schooled, beacuse then every boy in your grade is about your age.

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What can be done when a girl fell in love with a guy and she misses him every day?

She could call him

Is it weird of me to have a different boyfriend every week im in high school?

Weird as in unusual, unfortunately not at all. Weird as in not right, yes.

You used like this boy in your school and everyone knows and think you still do what should you do?

get a new boyfriend to show every one you moved on

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OF COURSE THERE IS HOMEWORK IN EVERY SCHOOL! ARE YOU THICK! Every school does it differently but every school has homework!

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How make your girl friend miss you?

if she is ur girlfriend then dont worry she misses you every time u are not near her

What to do after your touch pet falls in love?

nothing your dog/cat can NOT have babbies (well that i have heard) you juts need to see the girlfriend/boyfriend every day and make it happy i hope it helped :)

What are the best thing to say for a boyfriend?

I LOVE YOU is probably the best thing to say to your boyfriend. Every boyfriend cherishes the fact that his girlfriend loves him.

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you in school?

when no one is around say "kiss me" works every time, but if that doesn't work, try staring into his eyes and biting your lip. Hope this helped=]

Does a girl that says she likes you truly like you if she doesnt talk to you that much at school and texts back like every 10 minutes?

yes she does like you! or you can say its more than that because some girls don't prefer exhibiting their relationship! as you are saying she texts actively, that means she misses you, as you are not in front of her as in school!

How does Selena Gomez find a boyfriend?

she looks every were.

Jordan sparks boyfriend?

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Nothing means the absence of every state (solid liquid etc...) Nothing means the absence of every stage, i.e. solid, liquid and gas. Nothing mean a vacume.

Why does the guy you like always stare at you but fail to approach you now when he approached you before?

it means the guy totally likes you, my ex boyfriend still stares at me in EVERY subject in school

What do you wear when you are meeting your boyfriend whom you have been with for six years and have a child together at a motel and want to be the sexiest woman he ever saw and drive him crazy?

Why don't you dress up in a french maid costume. It's every man's fantasy. Or a Catholic School girl..Wear trench coat and wear nothing underneath it.

Should you meet with the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with?

No. Your problem is with your boyfriend. There is a social contract in every relationship, and a romantic relationship has a clause on Trust and Fidelity. You have no contracts with anyone else besides your boyfriend. This girl isn't your friend, and neither is any other female stranger. They promised you nothing, and they owe you nothing. Your boyfriend on the other hand, by being in your relationship, promised fidelity and trust. And he, not the girl, broke this promise. It doesn't matter who the girl is. It doesn't matter what she did. If she did those same things with someone else, you wouldn't care. On the other hand, if your boyfriend did whatever it was he did with some other girl besides her, he'd still be breaking your trust. So, no. Your beef is not with the girl, it is with your boyfriend.

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