How do you get your ex back if you really want her back?

im going through the same thing at the moment, im trying to get my ex boyfriend back as we were together 2 and a half years and he finished with me coz he said my mum was interfering, im only 16 and hes 19 but i love him so much and could never see myself with anyone else!!

i don't know why you two split up but if it was on good terms then just ring her and truthfully just ask her if there is a future for the two of you, if she don't agree then you should just move on even though i know how hard it is..i have basically been begging my boyfriend to get back with me but he says not in the near future...just ring her and say that and then if she does disagree then just leave it otherwise she will think your begging...just leave it, if she loves you she would ring you and she would be there!!!good luck Sarah