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well you really lost that relationship. he if loved you he wouldn't have left you. if a man cheats on his wife , he doesnt love her preiod. now, if hes with someone else, then that other feamale has his attraction, and until hes ready to move on from her, theres nothing you can do to redirect his attention toward you. you win some, and you lose some. and unfortunately you lost that one. but he can be replaced with a bigger and newer model. just step out of your comfort zone and explore other possibilities out there. we woman tend to want to cling on to the old tried and true methods. well the method you had didnt work, and he was true to you, he has someone else. why would you want someone whose not even thinking about you , and to top it all off, hes sleppiing with her to.

Answeri was in the same situation as you, all did was ignor him and when you do that to a boy he will see you have moved on. when a boy sees that he don't like that cause a boy likes when he haves controle over a girl that is in love with him.
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Q: How do you get your ex to fall back in love with you when he thinks he might have found someone else?
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