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How do you get your female cousin who you really like to like you?

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It is never a good idea to get involved with a person is who closely related. Cousins are not okay to date. Second-cousins are okay to date, still wierd, but okay. Don't try to get your cousin to like you. Chances are, they are smart and would agree that it is not okay to date a cousin. You could damage your relationship with them along with your family.

Well first sit her down and talk to her, don't tell her that you like her first just talk. Try to see if she feels the same way about you by say slick thing but don't come straight out with it. Ask her questions and get closer to her, and if she likes u as well then she'll do the same. If u both feel the same way about each other then good luck in what you do next.

2008-02-10 19:02:36
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Is it ok to like your cousin?

Not really. Your cousin is family.

Is it ok for you to like your cousin even if he ain't really your cousin?

that makes no sense!!!

What if there is a guy that likes you and you kind of like him but you really like his cousin?

When you "kind of like him" you should leave it as friends. Go for his cousin!

What is the female in gender of cousin?

Cousin. The word can refer to either a male or a female.

What does Mi primo mi encanta mean?

My cousin loves me It means, "My cousin enchants me," or, "I really like (love) my cousin."

What is a female cousin called?

A cousin of either gender is referred to as a cousin.

Does Randy Orton have a sister?

no only child but he does have a female cousin that does look like him.

What is the Yiddish word for cousin?

Same word as in English, but with a slightly different accent. In Yiddish, it sounds something like "kooZEEN".male cousin = Kuzeen (קוזין)female cousin = Kuzeena (קוזינה)

What is the gender of a cousin?

A cousin can be either male or female.

What is a young female cousin called?

Male or female it is "cousin". Doesn't matter age or sex.

What if your going out with there cousin?

Well If you're dating your cousin I think it'll be best that nobody finds out, if you really like your cousin then keep it on the low.

How do you tell if a cousin likes you?

You really shouldn't have relationship along the lines of like with a cousin. It is more of the love you share in the entire family. your cousin shouldn't like or unless it is just a family relationship

How do you say second cousin in German?

second cousin = Vetter zweiten Grades (male) second cousin = Cousin zweiten Grades (male) second cousin = Kusine zweiten Grades (female) second cousin = Cousine zweiten Grades (female)

How do you tell if your cousin is in love with your annoying boyfriend?

I'm not sure if this will help but does your boyfriend like your cousin? If you have faith in your boyfriend then even if your cousin really DOES like him, you know that your boyfriend won't cheat on you. If he really does cheat on you then all i can say is - you deserve better than that. As to how to tell ... I guess you can talk to your cousin about it? or you try to talk about your boyfriend to your cousin and notice her reactions and expressions.

What is the masculine form of cousin?

In English, cousin isn't gender specific. It can be used for either a male cousin or a female cousin.

How do you say i have a male cousin in french?

i have a male cousin = j'ai un cousin I have a "female" cousin = j'ai une cousine

How do you say cousin in Arabic?

Well if it is a male cousin then its "ibn elam" if it is a female cousin then its "ibnt elam"

What is the Greek word for cousin?

There are two words for cousin in Greek; ksádelfos is Greek for a male cousin and ksádelfi is Greek for a female cousin.

What do you say when you want to mention the gender of a cousin other than cousin brother or cousin sister?

To specify the sex of a cousin, use the phrases "male cousin" and "female cousin."

What is feminine cousin?

In English, the word 'cousin' covers both male and female.

How do you say female version of cousin in Spanish?

The feminine word for cousin is "prima."

How do you say cousen in spanish?

A male cousin is a 'primo.'A female cousin is a 'prima.'

Translation of cousin in French?

for female cousins : cousine for male cousins : cousin

What is female gender of cousin?


How do you say You are my cousin in spanish?

if the cousin is male: "eres mi primo" if the cousin is female: "eres mi prima"