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Play hard to get. Be friendly but treat him like anyone else. Make him miss how special he felt. Make sure you always look and act your best. Act like you have come to some newfound acceptance that you two are over with. Do not show any sadness. Act like you are tickled pink with your new life and freedom. He will start to panic and dont worry he will come back to you. Give it time and move on and watch him beg you back. Dont be overly enthused by his hugs and kisses pull away a little. This guy needs to be put in his place and that can be achoieved by playing hard to get, plus it could teach him who you are when you show this new strength and make him beg!

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Q: How do you get your fiance back if he's stubborn and puts on a good act when he sees you such as hugs you and doesn't let go and still kisses you?
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