How do you get your girlfriend of 3 years back when she says she needs space but is hanging out nothing more with some guy for a while and why are you jealous?


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She is no longer your girlfriend, but your ex girlfriend and both of you are free to date whomever you wish. I have no idea why you are hanging around waiting for her to come back. You haven't even given yourself a chance to experience different personalities of women, so how do you now what is the best type of girl for you?

Because you are so loyal and hanging around until she finds "her space" this is all well and good, but she has absolutely no consideration for your feelings. It's normal to be jealous of someone hanging around the love of your life. I don't think there is one human being that wouldn't get jealous in your situation.

Time to tell her you have decided that you too need some head space and you're going for it! Start dating again and I can bet you'll meet a wonderful girl that really does care about your feelings. Your ex does not! She cares about how SHE feels and hasn't even thought about what she is putting you through.

Think of this .... if things don't work out in other relationships she has with a man or two, then she can just come back to good old you. People don't respect this sort of thing. Stand your ground! Stick up for yourself and be true to yourself. If you give respect you should expect it back, and if a person (even a girlfriend/sibling/wife, etc.) doesn't give it in return then walk away!

Good luckMarcy

AnswerMarcy, first of all, is there anyway i could get you're e-mail to chat with you? also, she doesn't want to break up per se, she needs space because she can't handle the responisbility of a boyfriend, school, work, getting a car and apartment, and her parents coming down on her so hard. So i don't believe that she doesn't respect me, I actually believe she respects me more because she was honest and up-front about it with me, instead of just breaking it off completely. She said that we will still be faithful to each other and when our careers come into swing, we will be back together as boyfriend/girlfriend. We were really good friends before dating, so we became really close and we still maintain that closeness. As for the guy she is hanging out with, I'm not sure what to think about him. She said nothing is going on and i believe her, i just don't trust him. Is this wrong?? he's 25, has no job, lives with his parents and drinks constantly. Not exactly a role model, but he doesn't drink around my girlfriend who just turned 18. She said she has no interest in him because he has no future, where I'm going to school and have a future and wants a relationship with me. She said she still loves me, and i believe her, but why is it so hard on me if I know she wants to get back with me, and why is this guy driving me crazy??

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