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Drain & refill it or you can try to shock it. I suggest putting leftover chlorine tablets in a bucket with holes in it in your pool for your off season to keep the water from greening or just emptying the water altogether.

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Q: How do you get your green cloudy above ground pool water clear?
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Can you use Clorox to clear green cloudy water?

yes but u shouldnt

Why did my pool turned green after I shocked it the water seems clear when you put it in a cup and it isn't cloudy?

Because electricity turnes water green.

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Green cloudy water in pool?

Shock it

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Cloudy green pool water?

Clean out all your skimmer baskets and remove any debris from the pool. Then shock it. Back wash the filter for at least 5 minutes and then rinse for 1 minute. Depending on pool size you should see the green dissipate to clear cloudy water. Use clarifier to remove the cloudiness from the water.

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