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How do you get your green cloudy above ground pool water clear?

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Drain & refill it or you can try to shock it. I suggest putting leftover chlorine tablets in a bucket with holes in it in your pool for your off season to keep the water from greening or just emptying the water altogether.

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Can you use Clorox to clear green cloudy water?

yes but u shouldnt

Why did my pool turned green after I shocked it the water seems clear when you put it in a cup and it isn't cloudy?

Because electricity turnes water green.

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Green cloudy water in pool?

Shock it

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Cloudy green pool water?

Clean out all your skimmer baskets and remove any debris from the pool. Then shock it. Back wash the filter for at least 5 minutes and then rinse for 1 minute. Depending on pool size you should see the green dissipate to clear cloudy water. Use clarifier to remove the cloudiness from the water.

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If a 10000 gal above ground pool the water is green and cloudy and added a pound of chlorine and run the filter 4 hours at night and did this twice no change help please?

get a test kit from local pool supplys and test follow directions will probably need 2 bags of "Shock"

We recently needed to empty our above ground pool due to green water.We had been using chlorine but now are using the Revacil Program.Our water is now cloudy andamp; won't clear.What should we do Also If we were to switch back to chlorine how do we safely?

To do so safely drain it and start over. You should get a water testing kit. It could be kids are peeing in the pool the ammonia build up can make it cloudy.

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If your pool was a cloudy green and you shocked it and added algaecide and now it is a very cloudy blue what do you do?

Run the filter 24/7 until clear - backwashing the filter or cleaning the cartridges as needed. Add more chlorine - 2 to 4 gal. for a plaster pool - somewhat less for vinyl liner.

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