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How do you get your guy to talk to you even if you think he may be avoiding you?



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== == * If all he wants is sex and never talks to you then communicate this fact to him. He'll probably say "What do you want to talk about?" Find interests he likes and he should be doing the same thing for you. Get going, get moving! Do things as a couple with friends, go to music concerts, clubs, etc. Come right out and tell him you feel he's avoiding you and why! He may say nothing is wrong (usually the response one gets), but get him talking! Tell him you aren't going to put up with him avoiding you and not speaking his mind and that if there is a problem in your relationship you can both talk it out and try to resolve the problem. Most women are talkers, while most men keep their feelings to themselves. He may be one of these men that doesn't have much to say or, perhaps something is bothering him. Get to the point with him "need to know basis" and don't let him off the hook!