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== == * If all he wants is sex and never talks to you then communicate this fact to him. He'll probably say "What do you want to talk about?" Find interests he likes and he should be doing the same thing for you. Get going, get moving! Do things as a couple with friends, go to music concerts, clubs, etc. Come right out and tell him you feel he's avoiding you and why! He may say nothing is wrong (usually the response one gets), but get him talking! Tell him you aren't going to put up with him avoiding you and not speaking his mind and that if there is a problem in your relationship you can both talk it out and try to resolve the problem. Most women are talkers, while most men keep their feelings to themselves. He may be one of these men that doesn't have much to say or, perhaps something is bothering him. Get to the point with him "need to know basis" and don't let him off the hook!

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If the guy you like rides your bus and when you get off he walks behind you and on the curb I glanced back at him and he glanced at me.But doesnt talk to you Is he avoiding me?

i think he has a crush on u!!! u should talk 2 him. but BE YOURSELF

Is it bad to ignore a guy that you like even when he tries to talk to you and you refuse to respond?

It's bad to ignore a guy that you like, even when he tries to talk to you. If you refuse to talk to him, he will stop trying to talk to you.

How can you tell if a guy likes you even though you don't talk?

if you really think he likes you, why dont you just ask?

Do guys think and talk about the girl they like as much as girls think and talk about the guy they like?

It just depends on the guy and girl. Some do and some dont.

How do you know a guy is avoiding you?

He wont talk to you. If your walking with or without people he'll look away and act like he didnt see you, he will also ignore you if you try to talk to him.

If you have a crush on a guy but he doesn't even know that you exist and your dad is way too protective to let you have a boyfriend but you really like the guy what would you do?

Talk to the guy, and talk to your dad about this guy, not in a way that your dad will get the impression that you really like him just as a friend you just met or is getting to know. Talk to the guy, not in a firty way. Just get to know him. Or you would ask one of your friends to talk to him for you and tell him what you think of him. ;}

What is a way to get a boy you think is cute to talk to you?

you should go talk to him i think it is crazy that the guy has to do all the work

What if you had a guy you liked like you and then he got turned off and is avoiding me so hows do i get him itersted again?

Talk to him to see what is wrong. He will probably tell you or he will tell you to leave me alone. Give him time and space to think about his feelings.

What do you do if a guy avoids you?

If a guy you like starts avoiding you, then it probably means he is shy, or is playing with your emotions to see your reaction. There is this guy that likes me and I like him too. He will smile at me and lift his eyebrows. But when I'm with another guy he gets shy and kinda jealous. The best advice I can give would be to just go to him and talk to him. Tell him how you feel and ask him why he is avoiding you. Hope this helps!

Why would a guy avoid you if he likes you?

He is not nessesarily "avoiding" you. He is just shy of you. You know how girls feel awkward around the guy they like and try to steer clear of them because they don't have the nerve to talk or associate with them? That's how guys are with girls. Boys aren't as weird as ya think sometimes. So try going up to that guy you think likes you and strike up a conversation.

How do you talk to a guy that you think likes you?

become obsessed with him, that will turn him on

How do you tell your best guy friend that you think your in love with him?

You should sit down and talk and talk about your feelings but the guy should go first !

I need a subject to talk about with a guy?

i think you should talk to him abaut school or abaut his boyfriends i think you should talk to him abaut school or abaut his boyfriends

How do you talk dirty do a guy?

well you shouldn't talk or think about that and consentrate more towards studies

If you tella guy you think their cute will he ever ask you out?

if he likes you. if he doesnt like you...then no. youll know if you just talk to him more dont even sweat it

How do you tell if a guy likes you that you dont talk to that much?

Well, You have to talk to him more then he probally will start liking you because he might think he does not even know you. You have to talk to him more, hang out with him more, and that might do you a trick. Your hitch, Cloillia Perez

What is the trendy phrase in sapphire?

It can be anything. You can even pick it if you talk to the guy.

How do you start to talk to the guy you like?

Coming from a guy i think you should just be nice then be straight forward

You like this guy and you think he likes you so how do you flirt with him?

just talk with him!

What does it mean when the guy you think has a crush on you talks about to his friends?

how to talk to you or ask you out

Is your guy friend avoiding you?

Nope. Lol.

What if a guy thinks you talk too much but you dont?

if the guy think you talk to much then you should tell him that, or just go with the flow maybe hes right.

GUYS What does it mean if a guy smiles at you and you make eye contact and everything and the next day he just acts like he's kind of avoiding you?

It means you should talk to him again. Try to get his attention. If you like him, TALK to him; It means he likes you. Source(s) I'm a guy.

How can you talk to a guy who you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward?

To talk to a guy that you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward, just talk to him. Talk about things that both of you think about, and make sure that you are honest.

How do you get a jock to like you in middle school when he doesn't notice you?

you can try and talk to him or pretend whenhe does talk to if he talks to you that he dosent even exist and he will be attracted to you promis how do you think get all my guy that and becoming really good friend with them.

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