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Sorry, but I laughed and laughed when I saw your post because I just recently went through the same thing. My hubby and I are best friends as well as lovers, but sometimes they can rely on you for their sole entertainment and it drives me wild too. I believe both people in a relationship need head space. I sure do need mine these days. I have told him he needs to get out with his buddies more and either go golfing, fishing or whatever. He just grins and follows me through the house! I swear it's psychological because when we were first married that all he wanted to do was go fishing, golfing, hiking with his buddies every weekend and the argument would start. We had one TV and he watched every hockey and football game known to man and it ruined some of my movie time. Now, when I encourage him to go out with his friends he's plastered to me like a cheap suit. LOL

Well, I fixed that one real quick. I bought him football tickets and he took a buddy this past Saturday. Then I booked him for a guided fishing trip for 2 days and there you have it! I've pulled sneakies and phoned up his best buddy who he has a great deal in common with and say, "Ernie was talking about going fishing, what do you think?" Right away (and according to my plan) his buddy jumps at the chance and then I say, "Well hey, he'll be home at 7 PM so give him a call!" A free weekend coming up for me! Men! It's so easy to fool 'em. LOL

I love him a great deal, but hey, like you, I want to catch up with my friends, do some things around the house I've been putting off and just kick up my feet, put the old fireplace on and veg out!

Good luckMarcy

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:30:03
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Q: How do you get your husband out of the house?
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