How do you get your husband to fall back in love with you after he cheated and has feelings for the other woman?

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March 05, 2007 12:39PM

Why would you want to get him back in love with you by coersion. He should want to love you back all on his own. It sounds like the relationship has past this stage anyway. If he cheated and now has feelings for another woman, is he even worth it. How would you be able to trust him in the future. For what ever reason he cheated in the first place, which he should have been a man and come to you before hand and let you know that his feelings for you werent the same and he was interested in someone else. Rarely, do people meet on the whim and suddenly have sex the first time they see each other, so in other words, they had to have been working up to the cheating over time. Anyway, I would say that unless he says he wants to work on the marriage, by either counseling together or seperately, that you face the truth and move on with your life. Get a divorce and find a man that will be honest with you no matter what and give you the love and respect that you deserve. I know all is easier said then done but your not the first you wont be the last and you have more strength then you realize. GOOD LUCK.