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If your husband is saying he doesn't know what he wants, he has an interest in someone else. Try asking him if he wants to try new things. Even spice up with the bedroom antics; i.e. costumes, role play, massages, even videos. Try to entice him with new interests, he may possibly just be bored. Let me guess, he's 40+. Men go through andropause similar to women who go through menopause, but not as difficult as menopause can be for some women. Both men and women when they are going through hormone changes can find themselves regretting things in their lives, feel like their lives are not only like a runaway locomotive, but it's coming to an end fast. They both want to regain youth and that's the plain truth of the matter, so both men and women can act a bit depressed and want something but don't know quite what it is they want. They feel they have to go at the speed of light to fill in the gaps, but don't know how. It wouldn't hurt to sit and communicate your feelings towards each other. There is nothing better than getting it from the horse's mouth. It's true he may not know what he wants right now, so there are two things you can do. You can start going out with your own friends and having fun to see how he'll react. I'm not at all telling you to cheat on your husband, but let him know that if he's not willing to discuss his problems (or can't) and refuses to save this marriage then you aren't giving up fun things in your life or, you can go for a separation and sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Either way you'll have your answer. Good luck

2006-08-31 05:54:36
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