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I would do lunges and squats to make my legs look bigger (ie more muscular and toned), not necessarily thinner. Your legs don't really lose fat weight unless you lose weight. If you want to lose muscle weight, well, don't exercise them and eat less I guess.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:45:48
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Q: How do you get your legs to look really thin and get your calves really thin?
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How do you have really thin legs?


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What dress will suit you as your legs are too skinny and weird which makes you look more geeky....?

A dress with a full skirt (not a mini, knee length or longer). They will actually compliment thin legs. Flats will flatter your calves also. If you have long legs, try going for a waistline that is a little above your hips. if your legs are shorter, go with a dress with a high waistline above the navel.

What do you need to do to get thin legs and am i overweight i weigh 111lb im 12 years old and 5'3 i am overweight if so what can i do to get thin legs?

Your only about 7 pounds overweight. and your tall. Your NOT really "Overweight"

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I am already 16 yrs old but my legs haven't developed so well yet i have thin long legs really thin and i want to have fatter and well shaped legs i want to wear shorts but i can't pls help me?

Do standing calf muscle raises, squats and skip rope. These exercises will build up the muscles in your legs.

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an arachnid with one body segment and very thin legs

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if you have polio they are thin or you can shave them

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The same as thin legs: To stand and to walk.

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What do you do with thin hair to make it look REALLY good?

You can tease it to make it look thicker. .....and that's all I can think of.

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What type of skirts would fit a skinny body i have very thin legs and no butt at all i want to cover my legs and look less skinny?

Don't hide your legs. Most women wish they had skinny legs. If you're really worried then maybe consider a change of diet and try to add a few extra fats in your diet and maybe work out a bit. Wear whatever you want and don't be ashamed by your body.

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They're actually called miniature horses. I own some. Mini horses actually look like tiny horses, like little Thoroughbreds. They're really lean with thin legs and elegant heads. Ponies are stocky and sturdy with short legs and short necks.

Can you get thin legs even though fat legs are hereditary and how?

Yes, you would just have to work more for it. Tone your legs with running, stair stepping, or even walking. Actually, a person's legs are easier to tone and thin because a person does the most exercise with their legs (walking, even standing).