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Music is a medium of communication, to be exact a very powerful medium. Music has two forms one which gives you satisfaction and peace and the other which becomes away of life. As long as music is just a hobby you are never bothered about the fact wether your music is herd by somone or not. If you plan to take up music as your career the the fact wether your music is herd or not matters a lot. The answer to this question is simple, think if you are the one who is listening and not the one whos playing the music. When will you listen to the music? Its simple only when it sounds good to your ears, and ushers your mood at that particular point of time. Be it the producer of a record company or a steert hawker hes not going to listen unless its going to benefit him in some way. So alway thrive to make music which has all the nine emotions of life, not necessarily in the same song, try to put in the best you have because you cant expect results without a full hearted effort. Do the best you can and result will be positive. seems to be the new frontier for being heard and seen. You can create you profile and include a sampling of your music. Also don't be shy once you join, search the membership roster to find people who you think may be interested and invite,invite...INVITE!!!


A great way to get your music heard is to set up a blog with a domain using your recording name.

You can then start posting about the various music you have produced and provide samples.

You can also introduce any other people involved in the music production and update your fans with latest news, gigs etc.

AnswerColbie Caillat used myspace which is cool, you can make demos give them out for free or charge like a small little fee like a dollar or something
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Q: How do you get your music heard?
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