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How do you get your penis erected?

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The best and most effective way is to see something that excites your sexual side. EX. sex The second best way is to play with it. EX. masturbate
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How do you make your penis stay erect?

Erections are all about physiology and psychology. If your brain is stimulated an erection will develop. That stimulation can come from any of your senses. Some people are sti

Your penis doesnt get erected that much?

because what you see don't appeal that much too you because what your eyes see you re mind program what your mind program your body produce and you cant get neck bones in a ve

Why is your penis erect?

becuz ur thinkin of sexual things or u need 2 go 2 da bathr0000m

What to do if you have no penis erection?

Go see a doctor ASAP. Don't waste time researching the issue online or buying erectile products of questionable value. Your doctor can prescribe the appropriate drug(s) or tre

How do you get your penis erect?

if you would want to get your penis erect all you can do is either watch some porn read sex magazines masturbate jerk off touch a sex mate thats all a man can doo to gat their

Does What if your Penis Grow In Erection Size?

Like Any Part Of Your Body, Your Penis/Erection Will Grow With The Rest Of Your Body. We men are constantly worried if we are'nt "Big Enough", so you should not be ashamed to

How can you control your penis from getting erect?

I'm 12 too and idk if there is a way to control it i just slip itup straight upward so its not pointing out and gathering attention. Here are some tactics and strategies that
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How do you make your penis strong when erected?

An erection is due to blood flow to the penis. To keep the erection strong, you can do pelvic muscle exercises. This will strengthen the pelvic muscle, which when you hold it
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How do you erect your penis during sex?

When you are sexually attracted to someone you are about to have sex with your penis will automatically erect ready for it. If it does not then you may have an erectile dysfun