How do you get your salt water pool ready for swimming?

Things to keep in mind when running a saltwater Chlorinator pool The pool filter Has to run for long enough to produce the required amount of chlorine. Conditioner or Cyanuric Acid Levels should be kept up to about 80ppm, Low conditioner levels will lead to a lot of the chlorine in the water being burned of without it being utilized. Phosphates in the pool are food for algae. And will cause your chlorine to be used too quickly so keep phosphates levels as low as possible. Make sure salt level is correct. Don't rely on the Chlorinators indicator to tel you this. As the Chlorinator cell has to be in good condition for this reading to be accurate. If it isn't then you may be adding salt when you shouldn't, which in turn will lead to the system not working properly. pH should be 7.2-7.8.