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How do you get your social worker to place you with a specific family?


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I know it's difficult for you being in the midst of all this confusion, but please understand that you just "can't go live with someone" because YOU want too. There is a great deal of responsibility looking after children and also it's an expense. If the family wants to take you in, then they have to apply to Child Welfare or the person handling your case. I suggest you speak to this "special family" and make sure it's OK with them. If so, they must apply to try and adopt you or at least be your foster parents. Good luck Marcy Marcy

How old are you? We adopted an older child and we know how hard it is to get anything done. If you need help please let me know. Post a question and direct it to GAIL.


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I have been a social worker for the past 6 years. I decided to pursue my MSW after getting a B.S. in psychology becasue initially, I thought I wanted to open a private practice and do psychotherapy all day. However, I was not completely sure that was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. As a social worker (clinical master's level social worker), you can open a private practice and see patients all day for therapy if that is what you want to do. But there are so many other options. You could be a: school social worker child welfare social worker/supervisor adult protective services social worker/supervisor inpatient hospital social worker psychiatric hospital social worker intensive case manager for chronically mentally ill in-home therapist for children with developmental disabilities or mental illness case manager/supervisor with people with developmental disabilities substance abuse counselor/supervisor social worker in the criminal justice system (doing group/individual therapy in prison) also, you could work for a non-profit, or open your own non-profit helping: victims of domestic violence victims of sexual assault gay/lesbian population immigrants social injustices worldwide homeless cancer or other medical illness support groups HIV positive/people living with AIDS adoption victims of child abuse survivors of/family members who lost a loved one due to suicide child prostitutes You could also work on the social activist/social justice side and get into politics or become an advocate for any of the above groups. Or you could lobby on behalf of oppressed groups. As you can tell, I love being a social worker and think it is a great profession. Of course, don't get into social work if you want to make a lot of money. However, social workers do make a decent living and are able to help to make the world a better place!

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Depends on the time, place, social standing, culture, and family. There is no one answer for what women have been taught.

They do it because they need a place to vent, to relieve some stress. Some social websites are great for this, namely when you can access them anonymously.

A migrant worker moves from place to place to get work. A nomad is someone who moves from place to place.

they are worker who travels from place to place to plant harvest crops when needed

Family support worker jobs are positions in which you would offer a particular support to a family or person in need. Support workers are an important part of many different job sectors, but none more so than the family support system. They provide practical assistance and emotional support to people who need it for a variety of reasons.Some common scenarios where families are in crisis and need help are:A parent is in the hospital or in prisonA child or parent has a disabilityMarital or financial difficultiesDrug or alcohol addictionThe family support worker connects with the family in crisis and helps them to work out a plan of assistance that will keep the family together and meet their current needs. This might mean finding avenues of help for food, electric bills, child care and other such necessities. By being there to support a family in crisis, support workers can help keep the family intact during the difficult time. Without such help, many families might have their children taken into care or be split up indefinitely, making things very hard for the family to return to happy, healthy living.Support worker jobs also help individuals with disabilities who need assistance with integrating into their community. This worker will help individuals with mental health issues or learning disabilities to find gainful employment and social opportunities. By providing support to help the person learn to take care of things, the support worker helps individuals to be as independent as possible. This helps people with various disabilities to become as self sufficient as possible while still having support when needed.There are a variety of family support worker jobs at various levels of employment. Some will be assistants to social workers and family counselors. Others will help with the resources that provide food and child care to a family in need. While churches and individuals can also provide help for families in need, support workers have a system and resources in place to ensure the success of the family.

Yes... a noun is a person, thing or place

someone who moves around from place to place on a circuit xoxoxoox<3

A number cannot have a place value - only a specific digit with a number can have a place value.A number cannot have a place value - only a specific digit with a number can have a place value.A number cannot have a place value - only a specific digit with a number can have a place value.A number cannot have a place value - only a specific digit with a number can have a place value.

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