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Q: How do you get your whale shark to breed for zoo tycoon?
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How can you download a blue whale to zoo tycoon 2?

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a strategy game in which you run a zoo. According to the Zoo Tycoon Wiki, the Blue Whale is not downloadable.

Can you get a blue whale in zoo tycoon 2 ultimate collection?

no you can not get blue whale in zoo tycoon 2 ultimate collection. You have to download it

In zoo tycoon 2 marine mania when will my whale shark grow to an adult if i adopted it in the first month of the zoo?

The Whale Sharks you adopt are adolescent, which means in 2-4 years game time it will be bigger. I advise you get ready to expand you tank, or release your whale shark into the wild before that time!

Can you breed on zoo tycoon?


On zoo tycoon 2 how to make a cross breed Bear And how do you breed a animal and i have Zoo Tycoon 2 no expansions.?

you can breed an animal by giving it the things it needs(enviornment,food,toys,ect.). I dont think you can crossbreed any bears.

How can you make yetis breed on zoo tycoon 1?

you cant breed them i made the game trust me

Can you cross breed a lion and and a snow leopard on Zoo Tycon 2?

No, but you can get ligers at Zoo Tycoon Unleashed. But you have to be a member.

Can you adopt the blue whale on zoo tycoon?

Yes you can. It's only depends what kind you get.

How do you get black leopards to breed quickly in zoo tycoon?

Type in Dr. Doolittle

Can animals on zoo tycoon mix breed?

No you can't. I tried to breed two types of wolves, but nothing happened.

Can you breed killer penguins in zoo tycoon 2?

Contrary to what most players think,YES YOU CAN BREED KILLER PENGUINS!!!!!

Can you breed a male killer penguin and a female killer penguin in zoo tycoon 2?


Can you cross breed moose and caribou in zoo tycoon 2?

No. I have tried and it never works.

Zoo tycoon 2 downloads?

you can get downloads by going on zoo tycoon abc, zoo tycoon unleashed, zoo admin but they are down,zoo tycoon volcano,zoo,and dannybob's fourm i hope this helps

Where to get zoo tycoon 2 downloads?

Try these: Zoo Tycoon Volcano, Zoo Tek Pheonix, Zoo Tycoon Abc, and Zoo Tycoon Unleased. Good Luck and have fun using the downloads!

How do you have an okapi breed on Zoo Tycoon?

In ZT, I think it comes with either Zoo Tycoon alone or Complete Collection. In ZT2, you have to have Endangered Animals XP. IN THIS CASE, XP is NOT an emoticon.

Can you make a liger on zoo tycoon 2?

No,but you can download it off of zoo tycoon unleashed or zoo tycoon volcano.

What games are included in the Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection set?

The complete collection of Zoo Tycoon comes with the following. Zoo Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon marine mania expansion pack, Zoo Tycoon dinosaur expansion pack, Zoo Tycoon strategy guide. Its also comes with a bonus pack which is called endangered species.

How do you make two different animals to breed in zoo tycoon 1?

I don't think that's possible.

Where can you download Zoo Tycoon 2 animals in 2013?

You can download Zoo Tycoon 2 animals in 2013 on the Zoo Tycoon website.

How do you get unicorns on zoo tycoon 2?

I don't know on zoo tycoon 2 but on zoo tycoon 1 you name an exhibit xanadu.

How do you download animals to zoo tycoon 2?

How do you download animals from zoo tycoon unleashed to zoo tycoon 2 on a mac osx?

What app most relates to zoo tycoon?

zoo tycoon does get it

When did Zoo Tycoon happen?

Zoo Tycoon happened in 2001.

How can you get a white lion on zoo tycoon 2?

go to Zoo Tycoon Volcano.