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WARNING! You will hear a whole bunch of BS answers that never really answer your question like:

Stupid things like:

Do you go down on her?

Do you wash your nether region?

Do you watch porn?

Have you talked to her about it?

You sound like my husband... ha ha ha...

Man up…

Romance her…

It's not a necessary part of a relationship…

You're selfish for wanting this and shallow…

She doesn't like to do it and that's ok it is her right…


A year ago I was having problem with my woman. She refused to give me blowjobs. I was confused. I didn't know how to convince her. Since I didn't know the solution, I've searched the internet and found this incredible website with fantastic tips about how to persuade your wife of girlfriend how to give you a blowjob.

On of the most important things I learned is this (burn this in your brain):

She believes that going down on you just "isn't worth the effort." Women like this don't have enough respect or love toward you. A grown man who's in a healthy, loving relationship shouldn't have to beg for a blow-job. REMEMBER THAT!

Take it from me. I caught my woman in the act cheating on me…did some recon and found out my woman blew other guys before me that treated her no where near as good as I did and/or she only knew for a short time. While she WAS NOT giving me blowjobs at home, she was sexting this other guy about BLOWING HIM, and get this, felt sorry for HIM because HIS WIFE didn't do that FOR HIM. Can you freaking believe that!?!

Don't put up with this BS! Be the man in the relationship and DO NOT let her walk all over you. Women love dominate men. Not an overbearing A-hole, you don't have to be a jerk, but figure out how to spark the SAME emotions in your woman's brain as those "bad boy" jerks do. You need to work out, eat healthy, dress nice, and make yourself attractive to other women. When you are in demand, you'll get more blowjobs because she will be afraid of the competition, and suddenly "worth the effort."

If your woman just isn't that into sex or you have to beg for it or you have buy her presents or behave in specific ways to be "rewarded" with sex or she's not open to talking about and exploring what's mutually enjoyable, you're probably not going to be happy with this woman no matter how wonderful her other qualities may be.

FYI…I get them now with her whenever I want! ;)

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