How do you get your zora tunic back if you die after a likelike took it?

well if you die then you would have to go buy another one from zoras domain

HOWEVER, to get a new tunic for free, if u r in the water temple and it gets eaten, go back to zoras domain and talk to king zora. he will say the same stuff as before and then give u another zora tunic for free. Remember next time, change into ur kokiri tunic if ur gonna fight with the sword or shoot at it through the spikes with arrows...

if u r in ganons castle, u have to buy a zora tunic for 300 rupees (must collect 30 gold skulltulas then consult with the guy in the house of skulltula for a giants wallet), but actually, at that point, u don't need it anymore, so u don't need to at this point...really...u don't need the zora tunic for ganon's castle anyways *SPOILER AHEAD* the water section is like a mini ice cavern

To decrease this overall risk, wear goron and zora tunics only when necessary and if u can possibly come in contact with a like like, change into ur kokiri tunic


Goron Tunic: Fire Temple (change if killing like like), fire section of ganons castle (no like likes there) and death mountain crater

Zora Tunic: Water Temple (change if killing like like with sword), when underwater with iron boots


You can go back to the same place where the SAME likelike that took your tunic and kill it.