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well if you die then you would have to go buy another one from zoras domain

HOWEVER, to get a new tunic for free, if u r in the water temple and it gets eaten, go back to zoras domain and talk to king zora. he will say the same stuff as before and then give u another zora tunic for free. Remember next time, change into ur kokiri tunic if ur gonna fight with the sword or shoot at it through the spikes with arrows...

if u r in ganons castle, u have to buy a zora tunic for 300 rupees (must collect 30 gold skulltulas then consult with the guy in the house of skulltula for a giants wallet), but actually, at that point, u don't need it anymore, so u don't need to at this point...really...u don't need the zora tunic for ganon's castle anyways *SPOILER AHEAD* the water section is like a mini ice cavern

To decrease this overall risk, wear goron and zora tunics only when necessary and if u can possibly come in contact with a like like, change into ur kokiri tunic


Goron Tunic: Fire Temple (change if killing like like), fire section of ganons castle (no like likes there) and death mountain crater

Zora Tunic: Water Temple (change if killing like like with sword), when underwater with iron boots


You can go back to the same place where the SAME likelike that took your tunic and kill it.

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Q: How do you get your zora tunic back if you die after a likelike took it?
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How do you get the zora tunic in Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

After you save the King Zora talk to him and he will give you the zora's tunic.

How do you get the water shirt in zelda?

You mean the Zora Tunic in Ocarina of Time, I presume. To do so, go through the Ice Cavern, get bottled Blue Fire, get the Iron Boots, and use the Blue Fire to melt King Zora, after which he'll give you the Zora Tunic. You can also buy a Zora Tunic in the Zora shop after melting the ice. If you buy a Zora Tunic, and then melt King Zora, he'll offer you a kiss instead of giving you the Zora Tunic, because you already have it.

What happens when you meet Agatha in your zora tunic?

You walk up to Agatha in her castle with your zora tunic on and she will call you a "jewel beetle".

How can you get the Zora tunic back?

buy a new one or kill the like like that ate it

Where can you get link's tunic in a store?

Goron City store sells Goron Tunic (red). Zora's Domain store sells Zora Tunic (blue). They are 200 rupees each.

In Zelda N64 How do you get the Zora Tunic back I think it was stolen when fighting the Like Like and then I left the room before picking it back up?

go to the zora shop in the waterfall

How can you get back the zora tunic as an adult?

buy a new one or kill the like like that ate it

What is the zora tunic in Zelda ocarina of time?

It is a blue tunic which gives you the ability to breathe underwater. It can be bought from the zora shop for 300 rupees, or you can get it for free from the king zora after defrosting him. It can only be worn as an adult.

How do you get the water tunic?

In the ocarina of time, you can get it by either unfreezing king zora, or by buying it in the zora market.

What does the blue tunic do in the Legend of Zelda nes?

The Zora's Tunic (blue tunic) can make you breathe underwater so you don't have a time limit. The tunic comes in very handy in the Water Temple

How do you unfreeze the zora king?

In the Ice Cavern, you'll find blue fire. Put it in a bottle and go back to the Zora King. Empty the bottle on his red ice, and presto, he's unfrozen. He will also give you the Zora Tunic, but you need to find the Iron Boots on your own back in the cavern.

How do you get the zora tunic?

You get the Zora Armor by escorting Telma, Ilia, and Prince Ralis from Castle Town to Kakariko Village. After accomplishing this, follow the Queen to a secluded area of the Graveyard, and she will reward you with the Zora Armor.

How do you get into the water temple as kid link in Zelda ocarina of time?

you need to get the zora tunic

How do you get the Fire Tunic of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?

You don't get the fire tunic in twilight princess, you get your standard tunic, Zora's armor, and the magic armor that uses up rupees as you wear it and take damageno fire tunic

Where can you get a zoras tunic?

Ok. There are two ways to get one. You can either go to the Zora's Domain and go to their shop and buy one for 200 Rupees or you can wait unitl you are at the Water Temple, go talk to King Zora, he will give a long lecture blah blah blah and then he will give you a Zora's Tunic for free. . Teto~

Zora's tunic in twilight princess?

After you unfreeze the Zora's Domain, go to Kakariko Village Graveyard. On the way up, you should see the ghost of Queen Rutela. FOLLOW HER!

What temple do you go next after the fire temple?

You go to the Water Temple. First, though, you have to go to the Ice Cavern, which is in Zora's Fountain, and get the Iron Boots, then use Blue Fire to melt King Zora and get him to give you the Zora Tunic.

How do you get the blue tunic in Legend of Zelda OoT?

You can buy it in zoras domain or king zora will give you one...

How do you get water tunic?

if you're playing zelda: ocarina of time then you need to go to the ice caverns, where jabu jabu used to be and catch blue fire in your empty bottle...then head back to the zora king, now frozen in red stuff...empty the blue fire on him and he'll give you the zora's tunic...if you're playing zelda: twilight princess then you need to climb the top of zora's river after beating the fire temple...once the zora queen's spirit speaks with you, you need to head to kakoriko graveyard and climb through the small hole to the other side...then cross the water and open the grave to find the zora's armor underneath

How do you get a blue tunic on Zelda?

(assuming this is for Ocarina of Time) as an adult purchase it for 200 rupees from the shop in Zora's Domain.

How do you do get zora's suit on GameCube ocaria of time master quest?

you have two options: 1. get some blue fire from the ice cavern and thaw out king zora and he will give you the zora tunic. 2. get both wallet upgrades by bringing golden skulltulas to the cursed people, unfreeze the entrance to the zora shop using blue fire and buy a zora tunic for 300 rupees. note: you can also buy blue fire in a shop in kakariko village for 300 rupees

Where can you find the Zora suit in Zelda ocarina of time?

After you get a bottle-full of Blue Fire from the Ice Caverns, return to Zora's Domain. The Zora King is frozen in red ice. Use your bottle of Blue Fire and melt him. He will give you the tunic, free.

How do you get the compass in the lake temple in twilight princess if you already activated the water?

use the iron boots with your zora tunic and then open the chest

Where is the water temple on Zelda ocarina?

go to lake hylia (need iron boots and zora tunic)and you'll see theres only a bit of water use the iron boots and zora tunic to go to the bottom of the lake and use the hookshot to pull the blue thing that's at the top of the entrance and the way into the water temple is opened.

What tunics do you get on twilight princess?

Well You get Links regular Tunic. ( The Green one) and you get the Zora's Tunic (Blue, allows you to breath under water) AND! You get the Rupee Tunic, or Golden armor. However I suggest you not use this armor excpet in Boss battles, as when you use it it drains Rupees from you to be able to move freely. So be sure to have money!