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How do you give a dog a bath?


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Take out a small pool and fill it with water. Buy dog shampoo and scrub him thoroughly, also some dogs may like bubbles in their bath before hand. after you finish scrubbing him rinse him off with water slowly.

You can also put a nylon leash on your dog so it doesn't leap out of the water and splash you. When rinsing your dog, you can use a hose, but you have to run the water slowly so your dog doesn't get scared. Remember, human shampoo is too strong for dogs, so it cannot be used.

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It is hard to give a dog a bath because the dog keeps moving and shaking.

You are supposed to give a dog a bath every month.

No, I don't like when other people give my dog a bath. However, If you want to give your dog a bath with it's flea collar on, that's perfectly fine.

Can I give my dog a bath befor she hav her babes

yes we can give bath with any soap but dog shampoo is better for the dogs coat and skin. and it keeps the dog shining.

The same as you bath it normally only fill the bath with milk.

You should give your dog a bath at the longest of 2 week intervals, but really it should be once a week you wash your dog.

i brush and give my dog a bath 2 times every 2 to 3 weeks because shes dirty so it depends on how dirty the dog gets

Giveing your dog a bath is fine! Useley people like to give there dog a bath 3 or 2 times a year. its normeley summer so then your dog wont cach a cold. :)

There are special flea shampoos that you can buy and give your dog a bath with that shampoo.

Take your dog to the vet and give it a bath before the breeding.

It depends what dog! Usually about once a month.

yes i helps the dog give labor

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I use the hose. When my dog was a puppy, I filled a plastic tub with water and used that like a little bath tub.

Buy flea shampoo and give the dog a bath

give it a bath...or lick it clean.

Take your dog for a walk, give it a bath, or hug it!

you usually take the dog to the vet, and they will give you a short for the dog i think, than they will give the dog a flea bath. hope this helps!

You can purchase a Dog Bath at Amazon, Pet Edge, Way Fair, and Cozy Winters. There is a wide variety of Dog Baths to choose from. Some are on pedestools so you don't even have to bend over to give your dog a bath.

The packaging should tell you whether you can bathe your dog or not.

no, the dog will be'll just need to give him/her a bath.

No, it's not wise to bathe a pregnant dog in flea dip

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