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What kind of space did he ask for? Did he say I want to cool off for a while and do my own thing?That would mean no contact. Did he say I need some time to think? That would mean no contact too.Did he say I need to take a break from talking and speaking to you every day that can mean that once a week call to say Hello. My only question to you is What was going on to make him want a break and are you not insulted? When two people start a relationship it is to get to know oneanother. There may be time restraints but other than that if the two of you are genuinely inter-ested in getting to know one another. What ever activities the two of you have done together, you both were experiencing the same thing so what is his deal? I would do as he asked and give him space and see some other people while he makes up his mind of what he wants out of the re-lationship. If you don't you could either wait around forever for him to make up his mind or be let down further from a person who could not express themselves to you.

AnswerIf he asks for space give it to him. I wouldn't go out of my way to ignore him because that just takes too much energy. Go about your routine and daily activities and enjoy yourself. If you want to call him once a month call. You should be able to do that as long as he is mature. I would however get down to why he needed space, are you going to be sloppy seconds to another woman and when he's had enough of her, he'll come back to you.
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