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i don't really thing you can

on the Christmas party there is a post card that is a present and you can send them to anyone

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What Club Penguin toy codes are there?

There are a lot of club penguin codes, you have to buy a club penguin doll, get its code from its tag, type it in in club penguin, and you will get the treasure book. give us a club penguin toy code!!!!!

Can you give gifts to other people on Club Penguin?

No, I do not think that you can trade in Club Penguin.

What is the quickest way to get coins in Club Penguin?

i will give you 10000 coins on club penguin if you give me a one month member account on club penguin. just email me at josh_95o@hotmail.com

Tips Club Penguin elite penguin force?

dunno. someone may give a better answer. what is club penguin elite penguin force? search the internet for club penguin elite penguin force cheats and tips and you may find something

Does anyone on this website go on Club Penguin if you do give me your penguin name?

My penguin name is Pinkying. My penguin name is Minidude227.

How do you become a rainbow penguin on Club Penguin?

You have to have a YELLOW Puffle and give it a bath to become a Rainbow Penguin on Club Penguin.

Club Penguin gifts cards?

club penguin does have gift cards that will give you a chosen membership plan!

Do you have any unused codes on Club Penguin?

I don't think anyone will give you their Club Penguin code.

Can you give money to waiters on Club Penguin?

no you cant give any money to any other members of club penguin! (unfortunetely)

Who to pass things to a penguin in Club Penguin?

you cannot give a penguin an item. that penguin has to get it from the 'gift shop' or other clothing stores. So the answer is NO!

Is it true that another Club Penguin player will give you a free Club Penguin membership?

No, you have to buy a Club Penguin Membership card at Toys R Us, or another place. Or, you have to pay for your membership on Club Penguin with your parent's banking card.

Club Penguin unsed membership codes 2010?

Look, nobody is stupid enough to give you a free club penguin membership because the players will always ban it. Just ask tour parents to buy you a membership for Christmas/birthday present. I got my club penguin membership as a Christmas present. Thank you I hope this helped.

How do you beat the talk with a crab mission on club penguin?

i beat all the missions on club penguin i will give it to you later but i will answer it.

What sites are there for you to be rich on Club Penguin?

yes there is, theres loads.. i ll give you some...1. club penguin hq2. penguin lodge3. download the newest version of club penguin money maker4. penguin gold5. club penguin trainer.these are all free!!or just play games..

How do you give a membership to another penguin in club penguin?

no you cant but you can buy them a membership card

Club Penguin 2010?

club penguin babies are going to die on march 2th 2010 but not banned when the club penguin babies died there wammys are going to forget about them when the club penguin babies died all the penguins will be happy and the club penguin is having a party do you know every year Christmas on club penguin santa clause don't give cp babies toys cause club penguin babies are naughty everyear on march 2th 2010 when all the club penguin babies died there is no more babies in club penguin which means the club penguin is saved Like club penguin would allow dieing new mission hidden mine hidden mine reopens

How can you get lots of coins in Club Penguin?

i will give you 10000 coins on club penguin if you give me a one month member acconut on club penguin. just email me at josh_95o@hotmail.comYou can also get 100,000 coins a day on Club Penguin money maker. Just type in penguingold.com and this website does actually work!

How do you do mision 8 on Club Penguin?

Type in "How do you beat mission8 on Club Penguin?" because it's the same question. It will give you the answer.

Do Club Penguin cheats give you a virus?

No it doesent BUT it does band you from club penguin so dont do it. If your a member then you will loose your membership.

How do you get the pizza for green penguin on club penguin mission 8?

On mission 8, Mysterious Tremors, to give the penguin a pizza go to the pizza parlor and ask the dude for a pizza. Then give it to the penguin.

How does the screen change on Club Penguin?

The screen can change on Club Penguin by clicking + and -. If you go to this website: hiddencpsecrets.wordpress.com it may give you better answers. It's owned by Crystal 61. I know her in person! She is a heck of famous penguin on Club Penguin!

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