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Q: How do you give images the Paper Mario style look in Adobe Photoshop CS3?
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Can you print each frame of a video?

Video is made up of a series of images, about 24 to 30 images per second of video. So sure - it would be a horribly senseless large waste of paper and ink - but yeah, it is possible. To print the images, open the video in an video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, then export/render it as a frame sequence (png, jpg,tga). You can then open the images in a program like Photoshop and print them from there. Note that because there will be a ton of images, you may want to create a separate folder just for exporting the image files to.

What is best option for designing graphics for a middle of the road user?

Adobe Illustrator for vector artwork and Adobe Photoshop for raster images are considered the coins of the realm -- the standard. Adobe has come out with Adobe InDesign for page layout, but I've found that Adobe Illustrator has all the tools I need for basic page layout jobs. You might want to consider buying an older version which would be much cheaper than springing for the full-on latest version. Remember that a #2 pencil and a blank piece of paper and the best tools to design anything -- computers are useful, but design takes place with thumbnails and rough ideas, it does not result from the push of a button or a plug-in or filter.

What is the paper Mario game?

There are three Paper Mario games Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario: Thousand year door, and Super Paper Mario.

How many paper Mario games are there in total?

There are three Paper Mario games Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario: Thousand year door, and Super Paper Mario.

Are Super Mario RPG Paper Mario Paper Mario 2 TTYD and Super Paper Mario all in the same series?

No paper Mario paper mario2 and super paper Mario are the same series super Mario RPG is different. but they did get the idea of the paper series from it. --- Paper Mario 1 was going to be the sequel of SMRPG, but Square Enix and Nintendo, creators of SMRPG, split. Or Enix joined Microsoft. So Nintendo made Paper Mario not the same series. Paper Mario series- Paper Mario, the TYD, Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario 3DS are the same series.

What console is paper Mario for?

The original Paper Mario was for Nintendo 64. Paper Mario and the Thousand Door was for Gamecube. Super Paper Mario was for Wii.

How old is paper Mario?

Paper Mario was invented in 1996 for the game "Paper Mario" on Nintendo 64.

What paper games can you get?

year to year: paper Mario 64, paper Mario the thousand year-door, super paper Mario, and in year 2011, month 3, day 31 comes paper Mario 3ds.

Who is older Paper Mario or Paper Luigi?


Is paper Mario two plays?

Is paper mario can play at two

When did Paper Mario?

Paper Mario happened in 2000.

Will there be a Nintendo DS or an Iphone Paper Mario?

Sadly No Paper Mario For The Iphone But There Will Be A Paper Mario For The 3DS. It Will Be Released In 2011

Can you play paper mario on your GameCube?

Yes you can. Paper Mario's sequel Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is for the Gamecube.

Who is the toughtiest boss in paper Mario?

that depends on which paper Mario. if its paper Mario 64 then it's super bowser if its paper Mario the thousand year door then its evil peach if its super paper Mario its dimentio in a luigi robot

What is the best Paper Mario game?

paper Mario and paper Mario are good and also super paper Mario but paper Mario the thousand year door fixes all the bad things in the first like partner health or getting more than 50 health so paper Mario the thousnad year door is the best!

How do you be Mario in Paper Mario?

Mario is the Main Protagonist of the Paper Mario Series

Will there be a paper mario the thousand year door 2?

No there wont be, but the third paper Mario will be for the WII and is called super paper Mario

What is the name of the new paper Mario?

Super Paper Mario.

When did Paper Mario happen?

Paper Mario happened in 2000.

What are all the Paper Mario games and in order?

1.Paper Mario 2.Paper Mario(2): The Thousand Year Door 3.Super Paper Mario(3)

How can one create a realistic torn paper effect in photoshop?

By experimenting with freehand tools, various colors and a blank page and following a detailed tutorial, it is easy to create a realistic torn paper effect in Photoshop. Details should also be available in the manual that comes with the Photoshop software.

What Paper Mario game can you Flip in?

In Super Paper Mario you have the ability to Flip to 3D from 2D, you can not do this in any other Paper Mario games.

Is Super Paper Mario the last Paper Mario game?

Super Paper Mario is the most recent addition to the Paper Mario series and a new Paper Mario will be made for the Nintendo 3DS. yup i agree i have Super Paper Mario to Wii and im on the internet often so i found out about the one comeing out soon to 3DS witch i got chrismas of 2011

Is there a paper luigi game?

no there is only paper Mario but you can play as him in super paper Mario for wii

Is Paper Mario 3ds a remake?

No. Paper Mario 3DS is an entirely new game, making the Paper Mario Series a Saga. Paper Mario 64 Paper Mario TTYD Super Paper Mario Paper Mario 3DS This is an entirely new game, not a Remake. Let's hope it's a good one, even if it's on a 3D System.