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To receive multiple orgasms .Its starts mentally first , Let your heat build up. Do not get your orgasm to soon. Once it has build up to the highest peak. Try holding your breath in for as long as you can and not so much focus on the feeling. I tried this and I tell you it was magnificent!!!! I know that you probably wondering why I have stated noto to focus so much on the feeling. I say this because once you have reached orgasm it can really go over and beyound if you allow but most women are so use to a quick secound that they focus on that lil secound and its done. So let your body go and I promise you will receive multiple orgasms back to back!!! Good luck!!

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Q: How do you give multiple orgasms?
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Can women reachmulti-orgasms during intercourse?

Learn how to do this my boy, and all you need to do to get a wome in to your bed is say "I can give you multiple orgasms".

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learn how to give her full body multiple orgasms and she is yours forever

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Can eating a womans vagina make her happy?

Most penile stimulation can't give a woman multiple orgasms. Oral sex can be extremely sexually satisfying to a woman.

How can you have multiple orgasms?

Answer 1The best strategy is to have less frequent sex. You also need to build up your PC muscles._________________________________Answer 2Proper stimulation of the clitoris can produce multiple orgasms for many women.Relax and enjoy Relax and enjoy

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Yes, but not baby-making orgasms

How many orgasms can a woman have during sex?

That depends, you can have much more then one orgasm.

What is dry ejactulation?

There is no such thing. There is such a thing as a dry orgasm, however. Guys who masturbate to orgasm before puberty experience dry orgasms - they experience the full feeling of orgasm, but nothing comes out. Many boys who experience dry orgasms before puberty can have a number of orgasms in a row. This ability usually disappears shortly after their first ejaculation. Adult males sometimes experience dry orgasms when they have had a number of orgasms in a short period of time, and their body has yet to 'recharge'. There are medical conditions that can cause this - as well as some medications. Also, some guys learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, which allows them to experience multiple orgasms.

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women can have multiple orgasms during a typical sexual session. unlike the male they are able to recover quickly from their first orgasm however being able to have multiple orgasms does not mean being able to have continual penetration throughout those orgasms. in many surveys women say they like the first orgasm to occur while a penis is inside them but second and third ones by manual stimulation of the clitoris. this is because after the first orgasm the vagina contracts tightly and further penetration can hurt until that contraction is fully released.

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