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How do you give respect to Prophet SAW?

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By following his teachings sincerely and willingly.

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Leader who taught to respect ones parents?

The last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). In fact, it is Almighty Allah who has several times commanded people to respect their parents. The holy Prophet (SAW) also commanded the Muslims to respect their parents even if they are Non-believers.

Where is Prophet Mohammed?

prophet muhammad saw is in heavens

Where in Madina was Prophet Muhammad SAW dead?

in the house of aayisha siddiqa(r)(the wife of prophet saw)

Who was the last prophet of god to humankind?

prophet muhammad saw

Who was the last and main prophet of Islam?

the final prophet of Islam was prophet mohamed (SAW)

Who is the last prophet of the Islamic religion?

The last Prophet of Islam was Prophet Mohammad ( SAW)

Prophet muahmmed and the walking quran?

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was the walking quran because Allah would send 10 ayahs with Angel Jibreel to the prophet and the prophet would give it to the sahabi. The sahabi would memorize it write it and live by the meanings. That means if it talks about praying right and doing good things they'd do it. The prophet Muhammad (saw) was a man of mercy and kindness and never disobeyed Allah. And to me the prophet Muhammad (saw) must have been the most amazing an in the world.

Who was the father of the prophet?

Hazrat Abdullah (RA) was the father of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) He died just three months before Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born.

Who was god's final prophet according to Muslims?

Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the last and final prophet.

What are at least 3 Islamic beliefs?

Basic Islamic beliefs: God is one. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is God's last prophet. Every one has to die and give the answer of his/her deeds.

How did the prophet behave to his elders?

with respect and honor.

How did the prophet treat his family?

The prophet Muhammad Treated his family with all the respct he can give, his wives and daughters are very pleased with this respect so they all give him the respect from them also. Muhammad never hurt or harmed any friends or family members of his, he would only stand there and couragisly and be very brave and answer all the questions he is given

What is sunnat in Islam?

The Sunnat is applied to the actions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) while Hadith is applied to the sayings of the holy Prophet (SAW)

Who is the sahabi same as prophet?

No, sahabis are not the same as Prophets. They are the people who saw the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and they followed the Prophet, companions of the Prophet.

What is the name of the Muslim final prophet?

The last and final God Prophet is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)The last and the final Prophet is called Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

How many dhoodh sharik brothers our prophet huzur saw had?

Prophet Muhammad saw had 3 doodh shreek brothers and 2 sisters .

Who found Islamic?

Prophet Muhammad (saw), the last Prophet in Islam, found Islam.

What is the name of the central prohet of Islam?

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet of Islam .

Who is the greatest prophet of Ismail's offspring?

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), the last Prophet of Islam.

How many uncles of prophet Mohammad?

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW had nine uncles.

In Islam what is a leader is known as?

Nothing in particular, but if it is a prophet, it is "alaihiisalam (as), and specially for the Prophet Muhammad (saw) it is "sallalahu-allaihwassalum (saw)." Missionaries are called Imams.

What lesson do Muslims of today learnm from holy prophet problems?

The life of Holy Prophet (SAW) is a beacon of light for the Muslims. Unfortunately, they learn no lesson from the best example of the life of the holy Prophet (SAW).

Why should I give respect?

You are asking these people to give you a job. Why wouldn't you give them respect? And if you don't respect me, why in the world would I respect you back?

Which stories of muhammads life show he is kind caring and fair?

There are several stories about the kindness of beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Once a Companion RA. stole sparrow chiks from a nest. The sparrow became restless. The Holy Prophet (SAW) advised him to place the chicks back in the nest Once the Holy prophet (SAW) passed by a camel. It started weeping and compalained to The Prophet (SAW) about the cruelty of his master. THe Holy Prophet (SAW) sent for the man and ordered him to be kind to the camel and feed it properly.

Did prophet mohammed had not shodow?

The question doesn't make sense but i think you mean to say "Did prophet mohammed(saw) have a shadow".AnswerNO. Mohammed(saw) didn't have a shadow