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Just quit cold turkey, give it up all at once and never touch it again. Find something to distract you from thinking about eating (sex works for me). It helps if you have very supportive and understanding friends who will not eat chocolate in front of you. Chocolates are the sweetest food ever made by people. It's hard to stop eating chocolates, especially if it's your favorite chow. You can stop eating chocolates; all you need is to minimize your cravings. == ==

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โˆ™ 2009-08-26 08:02:07
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Q: How do you give up eating chocolate?
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Does a chocolate bar give you a big head?

no eating chocolate bars do not give you a big head

Does eating chocolate make headaches worse?

no chocolate is to yummy to give you a headache.

Do dogs die after eating chocolate from a donut?


What will happen if you eat expired chocolate?

Expired chocolate will not give you the same type of illness of eating cheese with mold, yet eating expired chocolate can lead to stomach aches.

Eating chocolate causes acne?

Eating chocolate does not cause acne. Nor does dirt or make-up.

Does eating chocolate really give you bad acne?

No. Chocolate is not directly linked to giving you bad acne, a poor diet may but not directly chocolate.

How can you vomit a pomeranians if she eats chocolate?

give her 2 spoons of ipcac syrup and she will puke up the chocolate, then give her burned bread (charcoal helps soak up the rest of the chocolate)

Can people b allergic to eating chocolate?

You can't be alergic to eating chocolate, but you can be alergic to chocolate itself.

How can dogs be careful when eating chocolate?

Dogs eat ONLY a really small amount of chocolate. Dogs die from eating larger chocolate. But, instead of the large chocolate, dogs can eat bananas.

Does eating lots of chocolate give you headaches?

Only if you eat too much food and then eat lots of chocolate you can throw up alot so don't eat lots of food befor you eat chocolate.Eat alittle bit of food and alittle bit of chocolate.

What would be the independent variable in the experiment eating chocolate causes zits?

Eating Chocolate.

Why dont you drink water after eating chocolate?

I do drink water after eating chocolate, there is no reason not to.

Is it possible to catch BV from eating chocolate?

It is not possible to catch BV from eating chocolate.

Does pop a chocolate bar and cookies give you less energy for you?

No they still give you energy , just not as much as if you were eating say a steak .

Does eating chocolate increases weight?

well chocolate increases your weight because chocolate has calories and when you are eating the chocolate the calories of the chocolate go in your body.TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR

Can you die from eating too much chocolate?

Yes, you can die from eating too much chocolate.

Why do you feel more energised after eating chocolate and then feel tiered later?

I do feel energized after eating chocolate. But I don't feel more tired later than I would have if I hadn't eaten chocolate. Chocolate contains caffeine, and will tend to wake most people up.

Why does chocolate give you diarrhoea?

the stuff that its made up

What is chocolate for?


How do you say give me chocolate in spanish?

Give me chocolate = Dame chocolate

What does it mean when you don't feel good after eating chocolate?

If you don't feel good after eating chocolate, this can be a sign of sugar sensitivity. Other causes can be an allergy to the milk in milk chocolate or over eating.

Why do you give up chocolate for Lent?

If you really like chocolate then you are sacrificing something. You may find it hard, but you remember that Christ gave up his life for us - and that is a greater deed then giving up chocolate!

Does eating standing up give you gastritis?


Is eating Chocolate ruin your vocal cords when you are singing?

Eating chocolate is known for stressing or hurting your vocal cords.

Can eating too much chocolate cause constipation?

yes eating too much chocolate will cause you constipation