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Begin teaching them at home while they are very young, and keep them away from being influenced by other children as a start for you. In my experience of childhood and education, I found that hanging with the wrong crowd would greatly reduce my learning.

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Q: How do you give your child the best early education?
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i feed my dog?

Early childhood is the time of child brain development. At this time parents have to give focus on child care and early education because at this time child develop their minds and acquire learning and reading skills. These skills help in deciding the great future of children. So parents have to give due care to child development and early childhood education..

Where can I learn more about early childhood education?

There are many websites online that can give you information about childhood education. The best source is Acei at

What can you do about child labor?

Instead employing them give education

Is an early education for Preschoolers an advantage or can it harm his childhood or behavior?

An early education is hardly ever a bad thing. It will give the child a good start in life with professionally trained people. The child could well pick up bad habits of other children which could happen when they start school however the child will be an good place for this to happen as they can be taught early that is wrong and can learn, understand and see why. v

Slogan of girl child education?

give life to a girl through education

How do you help poor what is the best way in your view?

advice. education. make life nice. food and feed them. school education. teach people how to live life. you can get for them work. buy new house to live . make for child play house. give money to poor people. help poor people social problems. help poor. give to child school boock. give to child games. make child happy. enough income to support their families.

Ideas needed for a unique baby gift?

A good idea is starting up an education fund for your niece. Education is expensive and it's the best gift you can give a child. It gives them the opportunity to become anything they want.

What did the Chinese government give people in china with one child?

they give them free education, pension priority's, allowances to help bring up the child and housing priority's.

Is homeschooling okay?

It is the best way to learn. You will be taught at your own pace. Not necessarily. homeschooling can be the best way if the parent or gaurdian is willing to devote themselves to give their children a serious education. i know from personal experience that it can hurt a child's education if schooling is not given properly.

Best age to give birth?

What's the best age to give birth? Ignoring the society we live in today, a woman optimally gives birth in her early-mid twenties to late twenties. However, the global economy and education structure inhibits the use of the optimal window.

What is the maximum cash gift a parent can give to a child without tax obligation for the child?

$100, that is the best value and the highest you can give.

Does the child get the money from child support please give simple answer?

No, the parent/guardian gets the money and is supposed to use the money to care for the child (food, education, ect.)

What is the philosophy of Philippine education during the third republic?

The philosophy of the Philippine education during the third republic is that it did not give a girl child all the due attention. All the attention was given to the boy child.

What is an IEP?

It is an Individual Education Program. This is mandated for every child with a disability by the American Disabilities Act. A school is required to develop a curriculum for the child and meet with the parents to discuss the child's progress. Different helps for the child are considered and approved or rejected as not necessary. This program is intended to give every child with a disability the best chance to succeed.

How do you make project on reconstruct the life of a girl child living in the early 19th century India?

To make a project that will reconstruct the life of a girl living in the 19th century in India, you simply need to give her formal education.

Is keeping child from getting a good education illegal?

In most countries - yes. Children need education both to prepare them for their working life, and to expand their knowledge and interaction with other people. Unless you can prove you can give a child a comprehensive education at home, they must attend school.

5 Critical Qualifications Of An Early Childhood Education Program?

The foundation of personal development is built in the first 6 years of life. In fact, the quality of early childhood education carries serious importance for children. When you are at the stage of choosing among early childhood education options, whether searching for child care or preschool, you should look for qualifications that will support personal development and reveal physical, intellectual, and creative abilities. The following are the most critical qualifications you should look for when choosing an early childhood education program for your child.1. The Quality of Teacher: The person who will give your child the early education should have the greatest impact on your decision. Regardless of how well the program is organized, the teacher will determine the overall quality since she is the person who will implement the program. An educated, experienced, loving and caring teacher will have the greatest influence on your child's personal development.2. The Teacher to Child Ratio: After determining the best teacher options for your child, you should check the teacher-to-child ratios and choose the one with the lowest ratio. You should never underestimate the importance of this factor even if you think that you have found the greatest teacher. Even the greatest teacher can't support your child's development, if she is given the responsibility of excessive number of children.3. The Education Model: The education model is the way the program is designed and qualifications are prioritized. In this stage of your decision, you should carefully evaluate your child's unique needs and choose the education model that best fits your child.4. Intensiveness of the Program: Early childhood education programs differ in the intensiveness of the information taught to children. You should carefully evaluate your child's personality and choose the most suitable program for your child accordingly. If your child is not ready to be in an intensive program, he may become overwhelmed and rebel against educational environments.5. Measurement Evaluation Improvement: Children develop the fastest in the first 6 years of life. During this critical time, their development should be measured and evaluated individually to find out which areas should be improved or worked on more. Consequently, you should choose a program that gives importance to this process and is organized in a way to make it a continuous process.

What is the best education for talented kids?

The best education for talented kids is to give them enough space to develop their talent. According to their talent to make study plan that kids like to learn.

Why were early attempts to ban child labor unsuccessful?

Early child labor laws were unsuccessful because it did not stop the employer from hiring children. The laws only required that the employer give the children some type of schooling.

What has the author Susan Mansell written?

Susan Mansell has written: 'How to give your child an excellent public school education' -- subject(s): Educational change, Public schools, Education, School improvement programs, Parent participation 'How to give your child an excellent public school education' -- subject(s): Schulwahl, Eltern, Parent participation, Educational change, Public schools, Education, School improvement programs

When is the best time to take the pills yeduc?

it is best to take these pills early in the am because they are suppose to give you energy

What is the best method for teaching a child to read a clock?

Give them a digital one.

What is the best choice of beverage to give to a child between meals and snacks?


Why do you need preschool Education?

You must need to remember that preschool education is the base for your child's education. The skills and knowledge that your child develops in the preschool years will have a theatrical impact on your child's success when the formal schooling begins as well as life success. Your child's preschool education is that by actively promoting and encouraging your child's preschool learning you will promote his or her self-esteem as well. Help your child in gaining confidence by making learning fun and easy at this age and you will help make your child a keen lifelong learner. Preschool education is needy because it can give your child the advantage in a competitive world and education climate.

Can you go to homeschool with out parents sigture?

No. A child's education is the responsibility of the parent, and a child cannot be homeschooled without the parent registering them as a homeschool student with the local government or school district. A parent must give their written approval of whatever education their children are recieving.