Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you glitch Pokemon Platinum?


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you get a action replay

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Glitch for it! On Google type in: Tweaking glitch for Pokemon Platinum. find out how to do it and then Type in: How to get darkrai using the tweaking glitch on platinum.

angeallen is not a pokemon. it is only a hack or glitch pokemon. you can get it by action replay though..........

i think there is no glitch but cheap looking for it good luck

It is a glitch, not a code. All you have to do is catch all of the pokemon, and the game will glitch, filling your pokedex. Amazing, right?

I believe it is only a glitch or a hack that should not exist.

i dont think you can without an action replay

mystery gift cheat action replay tweaking glitch

no, but i think there is a cheat to do that but since Pokemon platinum dose not have the sprite for black and white u will probably get some kind of new breed of glitch Pokemon.here i got a little favor i want u to do if u want try it out and if u get a glitch Pokemon, trade it to me because i study glitch Pokemon and if u do i will trade u 5 Pokemon each holding a masterball. write back to me.

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Pokemon Light Platiinum is a glitch or hacked game so nobody will answer

Missingno is a glitch in the Pokemon series. It cannot be gotten rid of. Once it is in your game, it will be there forever.

it could be because one of your pokemon in your party pokemon is poisoned, paralysed, etc. or it could be a DS glitch.

Missingno is a glitch and cannot be found with a code

(Action replay) You can also use the Mew glitch in Pokemon red or blue and then just trade up.

I know this doesn't help, but you need an AR, or a cheat/glitch that you can get online.

because your action replay is torn up or has a glitch.

Nope unless you use an action replay or a glitch. For mor information contact me at likefuit89@yahoo.com.

You can use the GTS glitch, but honestly I wouldn't recommend it since it can make your Pokemon disappear forever. Oh and by the way, I don't know how.

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No, there isn't a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the games.

It depends. Before National Dex: 210 After National Dex: 493 With Glitch Pokemon: about 500

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