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With the availability of innumerable cellular phones, buying a new cell phone has become quite a complex issue. Having recently purchased a new cell phone, I can give you a guideline which should make the buying process a little easier. Ask yourself the following question:

Analog or Digital: This is an easy one as analog cell phones are virtually extinct. Digital is definitely the way to go. Digital cell phones are superior to analog in terms of power usage, better talk time, smaller batteries, and sound quality. But digital services may not be available in rural and remote areas, so if you are a frequent traveler to such places then you should select a cell phone that provides you with both analog and digital services.

Choose between a prepaid mobile phone and a post-paid one. Both have their respective pros and cons so select one depending on your cell phone usage. If your phone usage is very high you should choose a post-paid cell phone but if you plan on using your cell phone infrequently then prepaid might be ideal for you.

The next step is to look for your perfect handset. Handsets are available in different designs and have varying features. If you want a top of the line cell phone then choose one which has features such as, a calendar, voicemail, games etc as well as advanced features like digital camera, internet Surfing, syncing e-mail etc. These phones can be quite expensive so if you need a cell phone primarily to make calls then choose one with only the standard features which would be a reasonably priced buy.

After deciding on the handset that you want, you have to select a phone plan. Major service providers (Verizon, AT &T, Cingular) offer hundreds of plans to suit individual needs. Find one that goes with the handset that you have chosen. You should enquire if the plan offers by-the-second-billing as this helps to reduce your cell phone bills.

And lastly, you can take advantage of your family and friends who have cell phones and ask for their input or you could search for reviews of your chosen cell phone on the internet. Always buy your cell phone from an authorized dealer or from a reputed store where you can be sure of what you are buying.

Hi, I have a Cingular cellular service - using a Motorola T720 - GSM.

Questions: 1 When my current contract expires, can I swith carriers and still keep my same handset? 2 Is it smarter to buy your own phone or use the new cell company's phone?

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Depends on what carrier you switch to. If they have GSM, it is possible, but you could still have to have your phone unlocked.

It is important to calculate the price in correlation to the quality & performance of the cell phone. I would buy the best bang for the buck. With a 2 year contract most phones are a bit cheaper. Do a lot of research before you buy a cell that is not that well known. Read reviews and ask people around to see how they like their phones.

Most smartphones require you to add a data plan. Take that into consideration because data plans are quite expensive.
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Q: How do you go about buying a new cell phone?
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How do you fix a cracked cell phone screan?

you go to the store that you bought it or get a new cell phone it is impossible to fix the screen, in theory you could put in a new screen, but that takes a considerable amount of work, you are better of buying a completely new phone

Which cell phone carrier has the best cell phone plans?

I am looking to get a new cell phone. Where do I go to find out which carrier has the best cell phone plans available?

Buying a Cell Phone on a Tight Budget?

There are plenty of ways to get a new cell phone without breaking the bank. If you don't currently have a contract and are a frequent cell phone user, check which providers have coverage in your area and learn about their contracts. Most providers offer a discount on the phone if you sign a contract and may even give you a basic phone for free. If you already have a contract but something happened to your phone that falls outside of warranty, check with your provider to see if you're eligible for an upgrade. If you aren't then check online for used, refurbished, or discount cell phones. Buying a cell phone online and then buying a SIM card from your provider is often cheaper than buying a new phone from your provider's store. If you don't have a contract and don't use your cell phone much, your best option may be a pay-as-you-go phone or a phone that you can load with minutes via prepaid cards. You can get these phones at most electronics stores.

Where to Buy a New Cell Phone Battery?

Cell phone batteries often need to be changed, and buying new ones can get quite expensive. If you are confused as to where you should go to buy one, consider going to your local department or electronics store. If you go to the actual cell phone provider, you may find that the battery is a lot more money than the cheaper generic brand item that you could have purchased.

What exactly is a "go phone"?

"Go Phone" is an AT&T cell phone. The Go Phone is an inexpensive cell phone with pay as you go service.

How often do you purchase cell phones?

I purchase a cell phone usually when the one that I am currently using breaks or becomes faulty. I don't usually go cell phone shopping regularly; however, if I were to go shopping for a new cell phone it would most likely be a pre-paid cell phone.

Where can I find a cheap cell phone for a teenager?

If you are okay with a used cell phone, then there are many used cell phones on eBay. There are also new cell phones there. You can also go into your local cell phone service provider and talk to them there.

How do you block messages on cell phone?

You have to go to your cell phone company.

Go To The Cell Phone Company's Website To Activate Your Phone?

If you want to save time, you can go to the website that is owned by the cell phone company when you want to activate your new phone. Make sure that you have the box and the paperwork with you. There will be a number that you need to enter, which is typically found on the box, that corresponds uniquely to your phone. When you type it in, your new phone will be activated.

how to get cell phone card for your cell phone?

Go to your local phone service store in your town. Ask them if you can get a cell phone card for your cell phone. They should be able to answer your question.

What should you do when your phone is hacked?

go to you phone opperater or go to your cell phone place

What does wi-fi do for cell phone?

wi fi does for a cell phone it make you go on internet to get what you need for your cell phone.

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