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I had a lady in the same position that needed Plumbing work but had no money to pay the bills so we set up a long term NO interest free payment plan Or possibly you can do work in the contractors office to offset the price of repairs

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Why did the Dutch have difficulty finding settlers for New Netherland?

not enough poor people that were willing to move

Can I do several repairs on one grant or do I need several grants?

I need a large enough grant to cover all the repairs at once is this do able

What are negative things about small schools?

* Not enough income from the state to pay for equipment, repairs etc.

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yes it is

What is the cost of car repair?

Car repairs very by the make and model of the vehicle, and what kind of repairs you want made. The range can be very vast, so there isn't enough information to provide you with a good answer.

Is there work for truck drivers in Florida?

In what capacity? For an OTR truck driver, finding loads into Florida is easy enough... finding freight coming out of Florida isn't so easy, however, unless you (or your company) is willing to haul cheap freight. For local work, there are jobs.. the availability is going to depend on which part of Florida you're in, however.

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for every person there is someone willing to love them for who they are...not how they look

Would a girl be willing to be milked like a cow?

If you are willing to do something else in return or if you two are close enough im sure it would not be a big deal.

What do you do if your insurance claim is paid and it is not enough to cover the repairs?

This answer can be very involved. Most simply, you should attempt to get your insurance adjuster and the repairer to agree on the cost of repairs. Insurance companies issue 'supplement' payment on claims regularly.

What is Paleolithic mans occupation?

Finding enough food to live and raise a family.

Cost of speed sensor replacement for 1999 Subaru Forester?

This is a simple parts swap. Locating the sensor is probably the most difficult part. As with all repairs, the only price that means anything is the one quoted by the person willing to do the job. If you were close by me and dropped by with the sensor in your hand, a cold beer would be payment enough.

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to be passive or gullible enough to get taken advantage of by others.

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Do you have to pay a lot for a good comfort bike?

Finding a good comfort bike will be quite difficult, as the more people ride, the less they tend to value comfort - becoming more interested in speed, rigidity and handling. People riding little enough to give priority to comfort are rarely willing to pay enough for a nice bike, so high quality comfort bikes are quite rare.

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If enough Christians are willing to work at it with true Christian actions, then yes I believe it could.

Theme of short story Rapunzel?

The theme of this book simply revolves around the idea of one thing-determination. When you love someone enough, you are willing to do anything, and you are willing to sacrifice everything. When your love for someone is strong enough, nothing will be able to get in the way. In the end, true love with always win

When was the White House complete?

It was completed enough for Adams to move in late in 1800. It was been remodeled and undergone extensive repairs many times since.

Is television repair cheap enough to consider, or should I just buy a new TV?

Whether the television repair shop is "cheap enough" depends on what repairs need to be made, if the repairs can be made, and the age and value of the appliance. Given the move to HDTV and the advancements the technology, older sets are quickly becoming obsolete. Only you can weigh the pros and cons of the expense to repair your set.

How can a teenage girl keep her parents from finding out she is pregnant?

You shouldn't hide it! Its a blessing. If you where woman enough to open your legs you should be woman enough to tell your parents.

Is there still hope that even though my Ex said that we will never be together but that maybe one day we will be again?

Of course, but not enough to cling desperately on to. Dont depend or count on it happening, but anything is possible.

What major economic problem was faced in America during World War 2?

finding enough workers

If one is willing to cooperate in the act no injustice is done to him?

This question is impossible to answer because there's not enough detail to make it understandable.

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