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he mostly did french impressinish paintings

He discovered French impressionist paintings. YOU ARE WELCOME!

In French caves from the Stone Age.

War More specifically, his paintings were about the invasion of Spain by French troops under Napoleon.

I have never seen French paintings preferring one color to others.

In Europe there are such paintings in some French caves (e.g. Lascaux), in Spain Altamira Cave, in Russia in the Ural mountain caves.

Answer this question… Which of the following statements describes the paintings of French Rococo artist Antoine Watteau?

He was a French artist whose work on paintings. Source: Click link below!

French Rococo artist Antonine Watteau was known for his paintings of fancy dressed Ladies and Gentlemen. He painted graceful and charming scenes. Some of his subjects were from comedy and ballets.

Pablo Picasso had many different paintings, one of his most famous ones was the scream, but he tended to specialise in more abstract paintings. He once did and abstract self portrait which sold for millions of pounds to a French Family.

Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, Sisley, Morisot.

Paintings by the French artist Alfred Persia can be purchased online at Find Art Info. Some of the oil paintings available as of October 2014 are Le Village De Roussillon, Les Moissons, and Les Paysans.

They were famous as their paintings were very different at that time, and quite a lot of people thought their painting technique was not good. Their paintings were not as sharp and detailed as the other artists so that made them stand out.

I have searched for similar plans and had a hard time finding French Furniture. This is the only place with reference to French Furniture I've found.

Try a local French restaurant. They will have nutrition experts and they can guide you into having and finding that perfect balance of nutrients and the deliciousness of French foods.

Honoré Daumier (1808 - 1879) was a leading French caricaturist, painter, and sculptor.

Georges Seurat was a French painter in the 19 century. He is best known for his impressionist paintings and his use of pointillism.

yes but people don't actually consider his paintings much

Naturalist conventions used Chardin depicted ordinary people in his paintings. He also used activities with a sense of realism.

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