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How do you go about finding the driver in a hit-and-run accident?

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2006-08-31 17:52:13

First depending on where the accident happened and what kind of

hit and run--were the police involved. Is there anything else in

the report that you may not know of. Such as "did anyone call in

any information as it happened or after it happened. Are there any

stores, gas stations, banks etc. in the area--go around to each one

and see if anyone remembers seeing the accident. Leave some flyers

with a phone number to call with information at this places of

business if the owner/manager will let you. Post big enough notices

on poles or staked into the ground by the site. Are there any video

cameras in any of the places that may have recorded the accident,

and lastly, place a notice in the paper asking anyone to call if

they saw something. Hopefully this might help--Good luck

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