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First, you can get him to sign a termination of parental right. If he refuses, then I would suggest you prove that he is unfit. You can petition friends, family and neighbors who know him and can back up your claim.

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Can a father sign his rights away because he doesn't want to pay child support?

Signing rights away will not stop any child support from being taken from the father. If the child is the fathers then he is financially responsible for the child weather he has rights or not.

What are some of the basic beliefs of the delaration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence was written to describe "inalienable rights". These are rights the founding fathers believed are given to people by god--rights that can not be taken away. The idea is that government is created to protect these rights.

How can your rights be taken away if you suffer from a mental illness?

your rights can be taken away as your brain is no longer capable of making desisons

What is a unalienable rights?

unalienable rights refer to that which cannot be given away or taken away.

How does a father get custody taken away from the mother?

Get an attorney. There must be a definate, documented, just reason for taking custody away from a mother. Having parental rights taken from a mother is almost impossible...

What are the unalienable rights?

Rights that can't be taken away or argued about.

How are rights and privileges different?

Rights can not be taken away, privileges can.

What are the unalianable rights?

Bill of Rights. Your human rights. Your rights that cannot be taken away.

Do you have to sign your rights away?

No, it is your choice whether to sign your parental rights away unless they are taken away by a judge.

What does natural rights mean?

Rights that can not be taken away by any government.

When are unaliable rights taken away?

when you murder someone your life liberty and persuit of happiness can be taken away

What rights were taken away in the holocaust?

All rights were taken away by the Nazis - especially the right to life (let alone liberty and property and 'due process).

What are inalienable rights highlighted by the Declaration of Independence?

inelianable rights are rights that cannot be taken away

What are inalienably rights?

rights that cannot be taken away from you you are entitled to them as a us citizen

Why did the American revolutionaries think about rights?

They felt that the British had taken away their rights.

Does everyone have the right to be a parent?

Unless they had their parental rights taken away by the court, then yes. Having the right does not always mean they should though.

How do you take mothers parental rights away?

same way as a fathers. see link

What to do when rights are taken from a dad that wants relationship with daughter?

That depends on who took the dad's rights away. If the mother of the daughter has taken his rights, he can go to court. If the courts have taken his rights, he can reform himself then file an appeal.

What are rights called that cannot be taken away or given up by the constitution?

Rights that cannot be taken away or given up are called unalienable rights. This term is used most famously in the US Declaration of Independence.

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