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Hello, I am not sure of all the aspects that goes into starting a promotional modeling company. However, I would say that the best thing to do is sto get great experience working for several promotional modeling and/or event stafffing companies. If you are serious and looking for an oppourtunity in this business, maybe we can network. Please contact me at if you are interested in possibly becoming part of a new start-up company in this field. Moiicika

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Q: How do you go about starting a promotional modeling company or event staffing company?
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Promotional modeling agencies?

You can find promotional modeling agencies by searching for them online. Many are strictly online companies that do not require any in person interviews or castings. Promo Models is a well known promotional modeling company.

How do you get into promotional modeling?

One way to get into promotional modeling is to look up promotional modeling agencies online. Many simply require you to create a profile, upload photos and your information at no charge. When events in need of promotional models are in your city/state, the company will let you know and give you information for how to submit to that event.

Can you suggest a company name for an promotional company?

an promotional company.. no.. but A promotional company.. yes..

staffing and Recruitment?

The biggest IT staffing and recruitment company's

Budweiser modeling agencies?

Budweiser does not have any modeling agencies within its company but is rather a client that recruits models for its projects by contacting modeling agencies. There are also promotional models that work for Budweiser as independent contractors who may also get a chance to participate in further modeling opportunities. Sometimes Budweiser also holds modeling contests to look for fresh faces.

Is their promotion for modeling?

Not sure exactly what you are asking but there is such a thing as promotional modeling, which deals with working at company tradeshows, conventions, etc. As far as if there are people that promote the profession of modeling, the answer is yes and no. Agencies sometimes advertise when they are looking for new faces, while shows like America's Next Top Model bring public attention to the modeling industry.

How do you say what modeling company are you with In korean?

뭐 모델링 회사입니까 = what modeling company are you with? :)

In what year was Remedy Intelligent Staffing established?

Remedy Intelligent Staff, a company that offers staffing solutions and job opportunities, was established in 1965. This company still offers staffing solutions today.

What is contract staffing?

"Contract Staffing" as the name suggests is way of recruiting required manpower on contract. This contract could take place between one company and one individual or between two companies (client company and staffing company).

What Is Promotional Programs?

Promotional programs are programs that are being used in conducting promotional campaigns for a company, brand or product.

Where can I buy a promotional product for my business?

The promotional products sector is expanding rapidly, and with it, many people are starting their own promotional products businesses. From pens and mugs to USB sticks and umbrellas, Logopro offers a wide range of promotional products, Australia and gifts that can be customised to meet your specific company needs.

How can you get a job modeling for Mark?

If you are asking about modeling for Mark the cosmetic company, then you will need to have a modeling agency represent you for beauty modeling.

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