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I believe you need to go with the current owner of the vehicle to the current bank that the vehicle's current owners is an affiliate of. Best bet is to get with the other party and then try to get ahold of the bank and go from there. .

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Q: How do you go about taking over another person's car payments?
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How can one get someone to take over car payments?

The best place to go for advice about someone taking over car payments is the local bank. They will be able to offer advice about what to do if someone is no longer able to pay their car payments.

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How do turn over a car to another person and have them take over the payments?

Contact the lender. They must approve this, so you need to talk to them.

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Taking over payments can be accomplished by calling the phone number on the bill you wish to assume responsibility for and telling the customer service representative of that company that you wish to take over the account. Depending on what type of company it is, you may need the permission of the account's previous owner.

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