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it depends on which Pokemon game ur talking about.

If Diamond and Pearl or Platinium,talk to her then your friend whoever will battle u after u can go in

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Q: How do you go in the door to the Pokemon League when there is a girl standing in front of the door?
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How do you get that lady to move that is standing in front of the door in Pokemon diamond?

You cant

In the Pokemon League when there is a girl standing in front of the door and she says loreli of the elite four is absent what should you do?

You have to get the ruby and sapphire (in-game items)for Celio.Then you talk to Lorelei on 4 island. Then go to Indigo Plateau.You can now battle the elite four.

How do you get into the dotted hole?

Answer:Have a Pokemon that knows "cut" use the move from the menu while standing in front of the door.

What does it mean when a bird standing alive and looking at you in your front door?

you can quite possibly have met your match

How do you get into the Pokemon daycare center in platinum?

walk in the front door... you cant go into the little pin where the Pokemon are.

How do you get Terrakion on Pokemon white?

when you are on that mountain/hill outside the Pokemon league just search around and a door will be blocked by a rock

How do you get out of cerulean city Pokemon FireRed?

Just beat the Cerulean gym -> Go to Bill's house -> Then the house that a police was standing in front the door would be unlocked and you can go through it to whatever route!

How do you get past the man bloking the door of the Pokemon league Pokemon platinum?

When you go to the Pokemon League you talk to him,he counts your badges if you have them all then you go in.If he doesn't let you in that means you haven't bet all the gyms.

Front door or garage door?

Front Door.

Why there is a guy standing front of dotted hole?

the guy standing in front of the dotted hole is there, because of a later cause. but, to move him, you have to give the ruby to bills friend, i think. then, go back, and he should be gone., then use the hm move cut on the door. your probly thinking, who uses cut on a metal door, right?

How do you open the dotted cave?

Stand in front of the door and have a pokemon use the HM move CUT. The door will break and you are able to enter the cave.

How do you make the guy in front of the steel door get out of the way Pokemon LeafGreen?

Specify which place on the map?

Pokemon platinum how to get in resort area?

Walk in the front door, or if you mean make a reservation you cant.

Do you give the things to the princess who is standing in front of the door on astro knight?

Yes you do. She ends up being the bad guy and you have to fight him.

In Pokemon fire red how do you get up stairs in the hotel in celadon city?

go to the back of the hotel and enter the door ( the door is in front of the red carpet)

Where is the servants' quarters in the game And Then there were None Wii?

When standing in the kitchen, with the fridge on the left, there's a door on the right. Click on it. You're standing in a hall, click down. You see another part of the hall with in front of you the stairs. On your left, you see a door. That's the servants' quarters.

How do you open the door to team magmas base in Pokemon ruby?

just walk in front of the stone when you have there emblem

What is a front door attack in java?

What is a front door attack

How do you cut the door that leads to the scientist with the second stone in fire red?

All you have to do is to stand in front of it. Then select a Pokemon that knows cut and have it use it. The door will open.

Where can you met prof oak aide in Pokemon Yellow?

He should have 2 aids standing right inside the door at his lab in Pallet Town.

On Pokemon soul silver when you're in the ruins of alph cave that says water what do you need to do?

Stand in front of the door and use a water stone; instead of going to the 'Pokemon' screen, it will go back to the game and the door will open.

How do you open doors in Super Smash Bros wii?

I assume you are referring to the doors in the Subspace Emissary. When standing in front of the door (Or hovering over it, if in the air), hit Up. Or, just hold Up, if you will be falling in front of it. Or, sometimes, I hit my C-stick up to do a Smash while in front of a door, and went through.

How do you get in the door in victory road that the man is blocking?

You will need to unlock the National Dex and defeat the Pokemon League to make him move.

What do you do when the lady at the league door on Pokemon greenleaf says that the 1 lady isn't there?

ice cave and you will need water falll

What certain Pokemon to open the door to regirock?

You need a Relicanth at the end of your party and a wailord at the front of it to unlock the regis

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In the Pokemon League when there is a girl standing in front of the door and she says loreli of the elite four is absent what should you do?

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