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Q: How do you go on WiFi on Pokemon ranger shadow of alima?
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How do you get shaymin in Pokemon Ranger shadows of alima?

download the misson over wifi.

How do you transfer poke'mon from Shadows of Almia?

You can not transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Alima, but there are special missions that you get via WIFI and you get Pokemon that can be transfered to the next Pokemon game Pokemon Platinum (coming out March 22, 2009) these Pokemon are manaphy, rilou, and Darkrai.

Where is shaymins mission in Pokemon ranger shadow of Almia?

the mission was from wifi download but not anymore there is none :(

How do you get WiFi on Pokemon Ranger 2?

connect to ranger net.

Pokemon ranger shadows of alima what do you do after you done capture arena?

When that's done, you can download a few special missions via Wifi, or play some others which reward you with transferable Pokemon like Darkrai. Otherwise ... make a new game? Cause you're pretty much done.

How do you get a Dialga mine in Pokemon Ranger?

wifi connettion

When is the next Pokemon pearl event of 2009?

You can get Darkrai through Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Almia. Just download it from wifi do the mission and then transfer it to your game. and there is one in January in japan

How do you download missions from Ranger Net in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs?

first you need wifi to get wifi go to internet settings and do that when you do go to ranger net and click download missions then click download with wifi that's all i can say

How do you get a manaphy in Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia?

use Nintendo wifi

How do you get a manaphy egg in Pokemon ranger gaurdian signs?

It is a WiFi Event!

Will the wifi events be on again for Pokemon ranger guardian signs?


How do you get giritina in Pokemon Ranger?

Garitina is a Generation IV pokemon, and therefore is not present in Pokemon Ranger (A Generation III Game) Garitina is not present in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia either. In Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, you were able to get a ranger net mission from a wifi event which featured garitina.

I have a Patched Pokemon ranger 3 and wifi doesn't work anyone know why?

I'm guessing you live in a place with no wifi connection

Where do you get manaphy on Pokemon platinum?

You must trade it with a friend, with WIFI-connection in Jublife city(trade building) or transfer it from Pokemon ranger.

Where to battle a trainer with manaphy platinum?

No trainers have Manaphy. You get it by wifi event or pokemon ranger.

Do you have to connect online to get the manaphy mission on Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

yes u do to wifi

What do you do next when you finish the mission to save blue eyes on Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

there is no more missions but you can download wifi missions from the ranger net

How do you get to the extra missions on Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

If you have the original pokemo GS you go to home menu ranger net search mission, by WiFi

How do you connect to nintendo-wifi?

i don't know but try typing it in Google im just looking how to connect wifi to my ds for my Pokemon ranger 2 game

Where do you get the last four Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Manaphy= Pokemon ranger or WiFi events. Darkrai= WiFi event Shaymin= WiFi event Arceus= The Movie or TRU Only way to get em now is use AR or trade.

How do you get a Darkrai in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you got to get it from a wifi event in diamond and pearl,then trade it to soul silver. But if you don't want to get diamond, then wait for an event, you can get him in Pokemon ranger- something with an "A"

Do you have to complete Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs to download Wifi missions?

Nerd stop playing Pokemon, f**k off jack a*s. i was like 10

How do you get special missions on pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

you need to connect to a wifi spot and download a mission on the ranger net, i think there are only 2 missions left, palkia's and dialga's.

How do you transfor Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to diamond?

Well... once u beat the game u can get special missions by wifi (only way) and if u complete them u can transfer Pokemon or prizes etc. to a game. U must need: 2 ds's Pokemon ranger 1 or 2 wifi Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum, souls silver, or heart gold

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon Ranger 2?

use wifi connection and download the dialga mission (u can also download the palkia mission)