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I am so sorry to hear this and I do feel for you. I was married before and I know how much you must be hurting. Either you know some reasons as to why your marriage has come to this point, or he could be going through mid-life crisis (40 +) but it is really called Male Menopause. Some men just get moody, a little depressed or cranky, while other men have to prove young women are still interested in them and they make a career out of making fools out of themselves by trying to recover their past youth. Only you know if either of these two reasons apply. As much as it hurts you, please get up and get moving. I am not meaning to sound flippant here at all, but get one of your best girlfriends and go to a beauty salon and get a new hairstyle, get a facial, get those nails done and if you can afford it get a good massage. Go out and buy a few nice clothes and then get good at ticked off! Get out there and have some fun and show him you aren't going to sit around moping over him. Whatever you do, don't plead or beg him to stay because the problem will just continue on. Women are extremely strong individuals and many women never get to know this about themselves. I was married to a womanizer for almost 4 years and he hurt me so very bad. I took a lot before I came to my senses and one day at work it hit me and I started to look for a place to live (had a male friend help me) and then left and never looked back. Believe it or not my ex would phone me crying and begging me to come back, but he crossed that line of honesty and trust and I knew I could never trust him again, so I kept on moving. I changed jobs, got a new look for myself and the world was my oyster ... and it was! I found out who I was and what strengths I had. Every single day I amazed myself. I did have some crying jags, and I did feel lonely for a couple of months, but I realized for the first time in my life I didn't have to rely on any man for my own happiness. I dated, had fun with girlfriends and eventually met my wonderful husband who I have been married to for 33 years. Come on girl ... get mad! Get going, and know this too shall pass. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you go on when you love your husband so much but he says he wants to leave you?
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Just ask him

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You should not be having an affair with a married woman but if you love her and she really loves you more than your husband you should ask her to divorce him! if she doesnt then she might not really love you as much as you think.

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Your husband will not talk to you much. He will also not want to kiss you or spend time alone with you.

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He's cheating and wants to bluff you.

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If you have kids with the husband, then sucks for you. If you don't have kids, then I recommend you leave on your own terms for the other man instead of letting your marriage die slowly due to your yearning for Mr. Right.

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A husband should love his daughter just as much as his wife. After all his daughter was made from his wife. That goes with sons too.

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If your husband wants you to call him sissy, he wishes to engage in role playing in which he will have the submissive role and you will have the dominant role, which you demonstrate by verbally abusing him. There is nothing terribly unusual about this, many people have much stranger fetishes.

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Leave him he must not love you as much as you love him or you can be sneaky and see what he does with her

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