How do you go to the bathroom?

How do I personally? Well...when i want to urinate :) I go into the restroom close the door while turning on a light if needed. Walk to the toilet; while standing and facing the toilet bowl, clear the path for my urine to enter into the toilet. Then I relax and urinate into the center of the toilet bowl. Upon completion you do a "shake" to make sure I am done. I then flush the toilet. Then I return my pants to the state it would be in if i were in public. Then I wash my hands at the sink. Dry them somehow. Turn the lights off. Then I exit the bathroom/restroom. Now if I want to exercise a "number 2": the excretion process/eliminating the solid wastes(feces) from the anus; Enter the bathroom/restroom, turn on the lights AND the VENT or open a window. Next: I would pull my pants down to my ankles make sure the path is clear from my anus to the center of the toilet bowl(where water should be) then I relax and push any fecal matter near the exit hole of the anus:) upon completion I use Toilet paper(TP) and tear off the required amount to wipe the area where any residue from the feces might be. When wiped clean with the Tp I stand up flush and pull up my pants and return them to the state where I wouldn't be embarrassed in public. I wash my hands at the sink and dry them somehow. Give myself a "high-five" or a pat on the back. Then exit the bathroom/restroom leaving it in the state I found it in(only turning off the vent or closing the window if the need is no longer there, or spray some kind of air freshener.