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kk, this is how to really get them. i know you need 50+ rocket launches to get it. Meaning you have to wait 50 weeks! (and I'm not kidding). First off Ive noticed that the rocket launches actually go up once a week after you've beaten the elite 4. But theres a twist. If you speak to the launch guy and he ask you if you want to go to the moon and you click no, you cant go there again unless you do the game all over again. Even if you reset the game, he still wont ask you again so beware of that and save your masterball to catch the legendary. (If you don't believe me, beat the elite 4 and write down what rocket launch it is. Put the game away for a week then check again the rocket launch. I am 100% positive this will work guys.

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Q: How do you go to the moon in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?
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What Pokemon should you have to go to the moon in Pokemon ruby?

You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby You can't go to the moon in any Pokemon game including Ruby

How do you get solrock in Pokemon Sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire, you need to trade Solrock from Pokemon Ruby or Emerald.* *To get Solrock in Pokemon Ruby and Emerald, go to Meteor Falls.

How do you get underwater in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no possible way to go underwater in Pokemon diamond. You could only go underwater in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald. There is no possible way to go underwater in Pokemon diamond. You could only go underwater in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald.

How do you get poohyena on Pokemon Platinum?

you have to get Pokemon Sapphire or ruby and go to Pal Park

How do you get Johto in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

U get all the Pokemon you can't go to the johto region in pkmn ruby/Sapphire you can only do that in Pokemon emerald

Where to go get croudon in Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to trade from ruby or emerald

Were do you go to make Pokemon forget moves in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Move Deleter in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald is found in Lilycove City.

Where should you go to catch Groudon in Pokemon sapphire?

you can only get groudon on Pokemon ruby.

In Pokemon fire red what do you do after you beat team rocket and take the ruby and sapphire to celoe?

You have the sapphire and ruby, you can go to the other games. enjoy.

How do you Go up hills in Pokemon Sapphire?

Same way you do in Ruby.

Is Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire available now?

Yes go to Gamestop

How do you trade from pokemon ruby to sapphire?

To trade from ruby to sapphire, you need two gameboys and a link cable. then you go upstairs in a pokemon center, save the game, ( the person makes you) and trade.

What city is the launch place to go to the moon?

Mosdeep in emerald, Sapphire and ruby

Can you go to the hoen region in Pokemon SoulSilver?

no, you can only go there in emerald, sapphire, or ruby

How do you give the sapphire to Celilo in Pokemon?

maybe what you got is the ruby and not the sapphire === === OR go to to island 1 and give it to him in person.

How do get the network working in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to give Celio the ruby and sapphire gem, the ruby is in mt ember and the sapphire is in dotted hole but when you get the sapphire you have to go to five island and go inside the rocket warehouse and defeat a scientist who stole the sapphire from you.

Is there a website for trading Pokemon LeafGreen and sapphire without beating the Pokemon league cheats?

no to trade between leaf green and sapphire or ruby u must beat the Pokemon league then go to the seven islands and find the ruby and the sapphire gems to be able to trade

How do you go to the moon in Pokemon ruby?

you cant its impossible

How do you transfer Pokemon in a GBA into diamond?

start your diamond and go to transport Pokemon ruby,Sapphire,etc.

Where can I find a list of all Pokemon moves?

Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex then youll see a list of Pokemon.

How can you get Raquaza if you don't have Pokemon Emerald Version?

If you have Ruby and Sapphire, you can go up the Sky Piller after you defeat Wallace. Otherwise, you have to trade is by trading from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

How do you get sapphire and ruby on Pokemon FireRed?

get to game boys 1 sapphire or ruby and one fire red go to union room with the wire that gos in gba then trade

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

To trade with Ruby and Sapphire, you have to go to one island and fix the machine in the Pokemon center.

Where is the the ruby and sapphire for Pokemon Red?

you can find the ruby in mt ember on 1 island to the right there will be 2 team rocket members and after you beat them you go in the cave and in the end is the ruby for the sapphire go to dotted hole on 6 island

Pokemon ruby destiny life of guardian how to get flash?

In Pokemon emerald/Ruby/Sapphire,go to Dewford Town and go to the Cave and ask the man that istanding there and he'll give it to you.