How do you go to the moon in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

kk, this is how to really get them. i know you need 50+ rocket launches to get it. Meaning you have to wait 50 weeks! (and I'm not kidding). First off Ive noticed that the rocket launches actually go up once a week after you've beaten the elite 4. But theres a twist. If you speak to the launch guy and he ask you if you want to go to the moon and you click no, you cant go there again unless you do the game all over again. Even if you reset the game, he still wont ask you again so beware of that and save your masterball to catch the legendary. (If you don't believe me, beat the elite 4 and write down what rocket launch it is. Put the game away for a week then check again the rocket launch. I am 100% positive this will work guys.