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How do you grow a thick mustache?


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== == It really isn't up to YOU, as it is predetermined by your race and family traits. Orientals and American Indians don't usually have very much facial hair at all, while dark skinned Caucasians, such as Italians and Portuguese will have heavy beards and need to shave frequently. Light skinned whites, such as Norwegians with blond hair will have thinner beards. The facial hair you have will be determined by your family background.


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you could try it. hair growth patterns are what they are. you can't really change. i can grow a full beard, but not a mustache. try what you want, but you can't change your genes

Pickels do not grow a mustache -.-

No, if you take vitamin H it will not make you grow a mustache. Growing a mustache has to do with your hormones.

As thick as mine . And imma girl .

Unless you are a walrus, you will never naturally grow a walrus mustache.

What on Earth are you asking!? Planet Earth cannot grow a mustache! LMAO

There is really nothing you can do to make a mustache grow. If you are going to have one it will develop as you get older. Most men can grow a mustache, a full beard is sometimes not possible because of the hair pattern you happen to have.

Answer: No. See link: Answer: Yes Answer: no u must let it grow very long and thick and then u will b a stud like me

Well my manswer is... That a mustache ride is when u got a thick mustache and u go down on a women. They like it because the mustache tickles her. A super Mustache Ride is when u pierce your tongue and have a mustache cause it doubles the pleasure.

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when did Edvard Grieg gorw a mustache

Over time waxing the hair make it grow back thinner. It will not grow back thick. you also the advantage that the hair will not grow back for at least 3 weeks.

some girls do get a mustache , think is only cuz they get it from their dad.

cuz they're hairy. Shave it off. you could shave it off but it will grow bak twice long and thick as it was before. bleach it.

It will not make it grow thicker, that is a myth.

No, exercise will not help grow a moustache.

Earl Hickey has a thick moustache.

You may be able to improve the rate at which your mustache grows by eating healthier. With the right nutrients, you will see your hair grow faster.

Shaving does not grow moustache or beard

You simply have to be a real man.

The length of time it takes to grow a mustache varies from individuals. However, Vitamin A can help speed up facial hair growth.

me too i want to become a beard someday me too i want to become a beard someday me too i want to become a beard someday

I can grow a respectable moustache in two weeks.

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