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How do you grow white beans?

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Take a bean taht you can find at a local grocery store and then plant it and take care of it just like you would with a normal flower pot. :)

2007-11-28 22:05:12
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What kind of beans did Thoreau grow in Walden?

White Bush Beans

How long does it take to grow a white bean beans?

About a week

Do beans grow on seeds?

Beans grow on vines, that grow from seeds.

Did the Moche grow beans?

Yes, they did grow beans.

Do beans grow in water?

beans can grow in any liquid but it have to have water in it beans can grow in any liquid but it have to have water in it

Can you substitute cannellini beans for white beans?

cannelini beans are white beans

What season do beans grow?

Beans grow in the Summer but could grow in Spring.

Do cook beans grow?

no. only uncooked beans grow

Do cooked pinto beans grow?

Cooked beans do not grow

Do cooked beans grow faster than uncooked beans?

No. Cooked beans will no longer grow.

Where in the world do green beans grow?

were do green beans grow in the world

What did Mayas grow?

Maya's grow cofee beans ,squash, and beans

What makes mold grow on beans?

What makes mold grow on beans?

Do beans come from trees?

no, beans grow on leafy plants that grow on the ground

What are easy beans to grow?

Green Beans

Does algae grow on beans?

Only if the beans were left in a body of water for a long time. However mold does grow on beans.

Are white beans the same as white kidney beans?

I've never heard of white kidney beans. But I have heard of Navy and just plain old white great nothern beans

Are beans a renewable resource?

yes,they grow when seeds are planted,but they do grow when not planted.They grow from the dead planted beans

Can lima beans grow in milk?

Milk is not the proper medium for lima beans to grow.

Why green beans do not grow without soil?

Why green beans do not grow without soil

What part of the plant do beans come from?

Beans are the seeds of the plant; after the flowers fade, the beans grow in pods.Beans grow from the center of the flowers on bean plants.

How do navy beans grow?

They grow on a vine. When the plant dies and the green beans dry out at the end of summer, you get dried navy beans.

Do cocoa beans grow underground?

No Cocoa beans do not grow underground they grow on trees in tropical places, in cocoa pods.

When do you pick black beans?

When the shell starts to turn yellow. The beans will be black inside. If you pick one, open it, and the beans are still white and moist inside, you need to let the rest grow some more.

What kind of beans did Indians grow?

Green Beans