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If you use these rules, it will make your hair grow longer and thicker. I followed these rules and my hair grew 3 in. in 2 months!

What to do:

Pour a little amount of shampoo on your hands. Now scrub it in between hands like you're washing your hands but don't put the shampoo on the outside of your hands, just insides. Now you gently massage the shampoo into your hair roots, not all over the place. Just the hair roots. Next, your pour the condition and do the same thing with it as you did with the shampoo, only you massage it into your hair ends, not roots. Next, rinse your hair.


Never scrunch your hair into balls. Try not to touch your hair ends too much. And absolutely NEVER let your hair touch heat such as hair dryers, straighteners, and heat curlers. You shouldn't use shampoos that say like Extreme Volume or Daring Volume. Those shampoos will make your hair fall out.

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Q: How do you grow your hair faster?
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