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How do you handle a crush when you're in a long-term relationship that you are bored with and you're close to temptation?


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August 30, 2005 8:15PM

Good for you! It's so easy to cheat, but we all know there are consequences that come with it and it's obvious you are mature enough not to hurt the other person's feelings anymore than you have too. If you are married then talk to your husband/wife and tell him/her you need a break (tell them nothing more than that) and if you can afford it go on a mini vacation ALONE and try to get the cobwebs cleared out of your head so you are sure what your next move is. Too often when our relationships can turn sour it appears to be easier to have a crush on someone because basically we are looking for someone to love us, make us feel secure and it's wonderful to know one is still attractive enough. We all really only want love, peace and tranquility. It doesn't matter if you are married, have a boyfriend or live with someone. There are times in our relationship when we get bored, but that's not usually due to your partner but yourself. We each have control over our lives and if you are so unhappy with who you are with then find out why you are bored with them, sit and communicate your feelings to your partner and try to improve it. Even if you left, found someone else, real life is not perfect and you'll just get bored again, so it looks like it's up to you. If you're bored take up a sport, hobby, do something you have always wanted to do. If you don't make peace with yourself then you'll never have a complete relationship with anyone else. Don't forget, you are bored with your partner, but are you sure they aren't bored with you as well? It's time to sit down with your partner and talk things out. Stay away from cheating! It really never pays off and you have read posts on this board where people have chosen the wrong road and really want their mate back. Most of the time it's too late because the trust has been broken. Good luck Marcy