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We should all have such problems. The other poster gave you good advice. Sounds like you are flexing your muscles and enjoy giving a few orders of your own. You have two options. You can take the maid aside (possibly the kitchen) and sit down and talk to her on a one-to-one basis, or, ignore her and realize she is never going to listen to you.

Move out. Don't live where she is working. Maybe you could have your own place where you get to do the cleaning.

Or have a sit down with both the maid and in-laws. They need to know what is going on and she needs to know that you are taking action. You also have to remember that your in-laws didn't hire this maid for you. They hired her for themselves and their household. If they like her, there is little you can do about it. Try to get along with her and try not to ask for favors since she is obviously incapable of doing them for you.

2015-07-16 18:58:41
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Q: How do you handle a servant maid who just does the opposite of what you say and you can't fire her as she is your In-Laws' pet?
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