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How do you handle anger?

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If we but understood what anger is we are most likely able to handle it. Anger a strong emotion; a feeling that is aimed toward some real or mistakenly believed grievance. Now that we know what it is, we also need to understand that anger can be a self inflicted injury. Being angry towards someone does no harm to the other person, unless violence is applied. If we could but realise that anger is only harmful to ourselves. We suffer in mind and sometimes body because we have lost control of out emotions. Some of us cannot help being angry because of some hurt we, or someone near to us, have been hurt in some way. We have to ask ourselves "Is all of this hurt I am going through worth it?" When we have had time (Which is a great healer) to think things over, then our anger will subside. We then begin to have sympathy to that which caused us to become angry. Remember what I said that anger is self inflicted injury.

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How does Lord Capulet handle Tybalt's anger at the party?

Lord Capulet handles Tybalt's anger at the party by threatening him

How do you handle anger management problems?

Try some therapy

How can you make positive sentence on anger?

He has learned some positive ways to handle his anger and things are much happier around our house now.

What are 10 examples of hyperbole on anger?

A hyperbole is an over-exaggeration. So if one says a hyperbole on anger it might sound like anger is a million times harder to handle than happiness.

Why is too much anger bad for us?

Some people can't handle it &ndd will freak out .

What is the cheetah's innate behavior?

They cant handle it so they put there anger on something else like us people

Why are you always yelling out of control?

You are immature, have an anger management problem and don't know how to handle problems effectively. You need counseling.

How did the people handle so many deaths about the Black Death?

people felt that it was god's anger. Many thought it is conspiracy by jews.

What is the root noun of the adjective angry?

It is Anger.

Should serious anger be a defence for first degree murder?

No, just because someone had "serious anger" doesn't mean they have to kill someone because of it. They can handle their problems in another way. Now serious mental illness... that could be one.~G

Examples How do you handle angry customer by email?

be calm and patient and try to absorb there anger and be a good listener and your answer should be i will try my best to solve your problem.

How do you handle hatred and anger?

maybe by hitting a pillow or watching television it might calm u down and u wont fell like that anymore

What is the definition for anger management?

anger management- how to control your anger. If you can't control your anger management, you might have anger problems.

What is good and bad anger?

There is no good anger. Anger is an emotion that shows that you are in a bad mood and you are mad about something. There are good ways and bad ways to handle anger. Good ways are to not take anger out on others. If you feel the need to yell at someone than just walk away until you are calmed down. Getting angry with others only makes things worse. Bad anger is when you are angry all the time, and for very simple reasons. For example, if I said something you didn't agree with you shouldn't blow up in my face. You should calmly tell me why you do not agree with it. That's just an example. Bad anger is very bad for you and others around you. If you do have "bad anger" than I suggest you see a anger managment therapist. In my opinion I would not take medication to control your anger because that does not solve the problem just hides it for a little bit. Good Luck!

How do you handle an angry customer?

Treat them with kindness, no matter what. Refuse to drop to their level, i.e. anger. If you can't handle themor everything you do is wrong as far as they are concerned, refer them to your supervisor. As hard as it may be sometimes, remember the maxim that "the customer is always right".

Can you recommend a website that provides info on how to handle angry kids? or visit

What part of speech is anger?

Anger is a noun and a verb. Noun: Bob is full of anger. Verb: Insults anger Bob.

What feelings did Eminem experience?

Anger, Sadness, Anger, Sorrow, Anger, and Anger. If you watch 8 Mile you'd find out.

Why is Anger Fall called Anger Fall?

Someone named it Anger Fall.

How do u control anger?

You can control anger by attending an anger management sessions.

What is the noun of word anger?


What does it mean to anger someone?

To anger someone means to provoke them to anger or make them mad.

What is the adjective of anger?

The adjective form of the noun anger is angry (feeling or displaying anger). The verb "to anger" can have the participle adjectives angering and angered.

Make a sentence with word anger?

Exercise is a good outlet for stress and anger. Staying out past midnight will anger your dad. Expressing anger in a calm, functional manner is a difficult task. If the dog barks all night, it will anger the whole neighborhood. Jesus lashed out in anger at the merchants selling goods in the holy temple.

What does Olympian anger mean?

Godlike anger.