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How do you handle anger?

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2012-10-30 06:35:28

If we but understood what anger is we are most likely able to

handle it. Anger a strong emotion; a feeling that is aimed toward

some real or mistakenly believed grievance. Now that we know what

it is, we also need to understand that anger can be a self

inflicted injury. Being angry towards someone does no harm to the

other person, unless violence is applied. If we could but realise

that anger is only harmful to ourselves. We suffer in mind and

sometimes body because we have lost control of out emotions. Some

of us cannot help being angry because of some hurt we, or someone

near to us, have been hurt in some way. We have to ask ourselves

"Is all of this hurt I am going through worth it?" When we have had

time (Which is a great healer) to think things over, then our anger

will subside. We then begin to have sympathy to that which caused

us to become angry. Remember what I said that anger is self

inflicted injury.

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