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Most kitchen cabinets are different, but they should come from the manufacturer or supplier with wall brackets. When fitting these brackets to the wall make sure that you have a solid base to fix your screws. If the wall is made of stone then you can use 'rawl' plugs and screws, if the wall is platerboard then try to find the wooden posts and screw into these if possible, if the position of screws is outwith a post then you can buy heavy duty plasterboard fixings which will hold up to 1/2 tonne of weight - that will be strong enough to hold a lot of cans of beans!!!

Answer1st find the studs in the wall, most are 16" on center some are 24" on center, set the overhead cabinets first so the lowers won't be in your way use 2 1/2" or 3" inch screws (you will need some help on this part) position the cabinet, making sure they are level and plumb (you can put a temporary support strip on the wall at cabinet height 16" above countertop is pretty standard but you can move them up or down a little depending on how tall you are or if you have coffee makers that you want to fit under the uppers, have someone hold them up while you get your body behind the screwgun for better leverage, you should start with the corner cabinet first but not always, you have to lay the cabinets out on the floor first so you know if they are going to fit or if they have to move to one side or a the other a little. Keep in mind some important areas, ovens need 30 1/4 " in the clear, dishwahers 24 1/8", fridge need 36", also use a long level to make sure the uppers and lowers stay in line with each other, also you need to put screws from one cabinet to the other along the face frame area, do this by clamping the two faces together make sure they are flush, predrill a hole for whatever screws you are using, also countersink the hole to hide the screw head. Some kitchen cabinets are pretty complicated and you may need some professional advice. AnswerAs a carpenter for 20 years I agree with above answer although standard distance between bottom and upper cabinets is 18". AnswerI also agree, but here California, building code is between 18"-22" inches from the counter-top, not the base cabinet, keep in mind the sub-top-(plywood) and granite or will add between 1 1/2 inches to the overall finish height. (tile adds 2-2 1/2 inches)Granite, corian or any other Solid surface usually has thickness of 3/4 of an inch. I would also suggest the use of a laser level (SELF LEVELING) Very inexpensive tool will help you find any high spots or low spots on your foundation.

Make sure you check for the high and low spots on the ceiling and floor first so you know where your starting point is. Upper cabinets set to the lowest point off the cieling and lower cabinets to the highest point off the floor.

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Kitchen cabinets are bolted directly into the studs. It is important that the measurements and placements be accurate so that the cabinets, once full of dishes or canned goods, are securely attached to the wall. These sites offer step-by-step instructions:,,20183707,00.html AND

One of the kitchen companies in naples is Ideal Kitchen

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Q: How do you hang kitchen cabinets?
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