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How do you have a birth certificate corrected beause of a misspelled last name?

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2007-09-02 23:02:55

If it is a simple misspelling, such as "Smiht" instead of

"Smith," (two letters accidently transposed), you can usually have

it corrected by the following: 1) Obtain another legal document,

such as a marriage certificate, or passport, that bears the correct

spelling. 2) Take it to the office of vital statistics that issued

your misspelled birth certificate. 3) They should issue a new birth

certificate for you. In some States, the new certificate will

indicate it was amended on the document itself. In other States,

there is no indication. If the office that issued the birth

certificate will still not correct it, there is another option:

Present an "Affidavit to Amend a Record" to the office that

issued the document itself. You can obtain the Affidavit through

your local county clerk's office or via an attorney.

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