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How do you have lip kiss?


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yea sure why not who does not who ever doesn't is wack


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Their is no " correctly" you will either kiss him bottom lip to bottom lip and upper lip to upper lip( full kiss) and sometimes you will only kiss his bottom lip while he kisses your upper lip. And you could only kiss hiss upper lip and he will only kiss your bottom lip. Just play around with it and you'll eventually get it

you lip kiss by putting your lips against your girlfriends lips and suck

If the bottom lip twitches it means you will get a kiss. If your top lip twitches you will give a kiss.

an indie kiss is when you kiss then bite her lip:)

You lip lock kiss by putting your lips to someone else's. You stay that way until the kiss is over.

A lip kiss is fine I guess, but if you want a full relationship, get help.

lip kiss not harmful to health

You would kiss the same way you would with out a lip ring just be careful not to rip it out.

Gently press your lips to hers.

a lipstick kiss is where you put lip stick on and kiss someone .....haha

yes you can. i have a lip ring and the person i kiss barely notices it. the size of the lip ring makes a difference. if it is large it might get in the way.

If your bottom lip twitches it means you will get a kiss. If its the top lip it means you will give a kiss.

It means that he wants to kiss you the french kiss

A kiss is just a gentle lip to lip sign of affection. A french kiss is a kiss with the use of tongue. You Make sure your tongue touches the other persons and DON'T let go until they push you off

No it never has itssomething almost everyone does!

No Never. If u lip kiss asmita of dps dh she ll never become pregnant.

Contributors have said: Nivea Kiss of Shine is the best lip gloss. Mentha Lip Tint is the best lip gloss.

lips touch then kiss happen ugh ugh ugh caveman

you first gently kiss the person on the lips then you kiss the upper lip then you kiss the lower lip. Then you carry on doing that, then you slowly stick your tongue in the persons mouth and carry on kissing.

a french kiss uses tounge, and a normal kiss is all lip

just ask the girl if she wants to kiss you and then kiss her. if she pushes away dont push her.

Yes but it will be really awkward. Wait until you can take out your lip piercing and then it won't be so bad.

You should apply lip gloss and feel confident, then kiss him

To lip kiss simply close your eyes and bring it closer to the lips of your partner and kiss.

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